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WE ARE BACK! Baltic Sustainability Awards 2022 calls for Baltisolutions in sustainability innovation

To highlight the most significant achievements in sustainable entrepreneurship and illustrate the growing role of innovation in sustainability, Baltic companies are invited to apply for the Baltic Sustainability Awards 2022. From today, companies, organisations, startups, as well as individuals are invited to submit their solutions in the categories "Impact", "Innovation", and "Changemakers". We welcome applications by October 14 at

Baltic Sustainability Awards is a Baltic-level awards competition for enterprises, organisations, startups, and individuals in sustainability innovation. Baltic Sustainability Awards are hosted by innovation management company Helve together with founding partner Rimi Baltic. Last year more than 300 applications were received, and eight winners from the Baltics were awarded among all categories. In 2021, organisations such as Enefit, Trafi, Auga group, Vilnius municipality, Grünfin, and others were among the finalists.

"Electric city busses and renewable energy in Vilnius, our own Latvian solution that monitors the rice fields in Vietnam, a sustainable investment platform from Estonia, and many other solutions among our finalists in 2021 already inspired others to innovate for sustainability. This year, we hope not only to welcome more participants to meet in person at the award ceremony in Riga but also to create a platform and community where sustainability innovation experts and leaders from both the corporate and startup environment meet, exchange ideas and grow together," shares Anna Ķiesnere, Business Development Lead at Helve.

The applicants are invited to submit their solutions for the Baltic Sustainability Awards until October 14 in three categories. In the "Impact" category, the jury will evaluate companies' and organisations' solutions in such areas as renewable energy, sustainable resources, supply chain, sustainable cities & mobility, and social initiatives. The "Innovation" category is devoted to enterprises and startups that have developed green technology products or solutions. The Baltic Suatianbility Awards also strive to celebrate individuals that have contributed to inspiring and educating society about sustainable practices in the "Changemakers" category. In the final category, the public will choose one winner in each Baltic country. "Impact" and "Innovation" winners will be selected by an international expert jury.

"To take the Baltic Sustainability Awards further, this year we will pay special attention to the aspects of social and corporate responsibility, which, together with environmental aspect, make the success formula for sustainable business. We invite companies, organisations and individuals to submit sustainable innovation and social entrepreneurship stories to inspire others to follow the example of change leaders," says Zanda Šadre, Corporate Responsibility and Communications Director at Rimi Baltic.

To ensure a fair, transparent and data-driven assessment of applications tailored specifically to the Baltic Sustainability Awards, EY Baltic, a leading business advisory firm, has joined the initiative as a strategic methodology partner.

"Sustainability is not just a challenge; it is an opportunity for businesses to mitigate the transition risk and to thrive in the new sustainable economy. At EY, we see sustainability as the "new normal" that is transforming the mindsets of business leaders and offering innovative solutions for a better working world," Jānis Kauliņš, Partner at EY, Leader of Climate Change and Sustainability Services in the Baltics, comments on the motivation for companies to choose sustainable development path.

Baltic Sustainability Awards are hosted by Helve together with founding partner Rimi Baltic. The initiative is supported by strategic methodology partner EY Baltic, partners IF, Dokobit, and Baltic Block, and informative partners Clear Chanel and Delfi. Applications for Baltic Sustainability Awards can be submitted until October 14 at The Baltic Sustainability Awards ceremony will occur at the closing event live at Splendid Palace, Riga and online on November 30.



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