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Baltic Sustainability Awards

Evaluation Guide

1. Our Future-ready Approach:

Imagine the vastness of the Baltic Sea being measured against the rich heritage of our region’s folklore. Different? Absolutely. Comparable? In our awards, yes! Our evaluation system is designed to ensure that a corporate giant’s green initiative is assessed with the same care and principle as a local school's recycling project. We believe in comparing apples to apples in the vast orchard of sustainability, irrespective of the scale. We believe that innovations appears from many different places and can be impactful .

2. The Simplicity Promise:

Navigating our application form is as straightforward as a stroll along the Baltic shores. Minimal inputs, maximised clarity. While the scale or domain of your project might differ—whether you’re a tech startup innovating in renewable energy or a community in Saaremaa building novel sustainable educational programme —our assessment matrix remains consistent, ensuring fairness and simplicity. You bring the intent and innovation; we ensure the process remains hassle-free.

How We Evaluate:

Holistic Impact: We don't just look at environmental gains. We assess the overall good your project does—be it social, economic, ecological, or technological improvement.


Future Viability: Sustainability innovation is about longevity. We're interested in how your project will benefit the Baltic region 3-7 years down the line.


People Reach: It's not just about planet, it's about people too. We quantify how many individuals your project will positively affect.


Budget Feasibility: Good intentions need to be economically viable. We'll examine how your budget aligns with your project's goals.


Efficiency Score: We take all these factors and boil them down into a single metric, providing a fair way to assess the true value each project offers per unit of cost.

3. Your Journey Ahead:

If your initiative resonates powerfully in these domains, you'll make waves onto our shortlist. From there, we'll dive deeper, perhaps chatting about the nuances that make your project special. This evaluation system ensures that no matter the scale or focus of your project, it will be judged on its merits and impact, allowing for a diverse range of entries to be competitive.


Ready to embark on this journey? The Baltic awaits your sustainability innovation.

4. EY's Methodological Approach:


In collaboration with the esteemed EY team, we’ve integrated a methodological approach rooted in decades of expertise. EY's commitment to building a better working world resonates with our mission of fostering sustainable innovations. This approach ensures:

  • Rigorous Evaluation: Leveraging EY’s robust assessment tools, we ensure that each project is evaluated with precision, depth, and objectivity.

  • Integrity & Transparency: Every entry is treated with fairness, ensuring that the evaluation process is transparent and devoid of biases.

  • Continuous Improvement: As the sustainability landscape evolves, so does our methodology. EY’s insights allow us to adapt, ensuring our evaluation process remains at the forefront of global best practices.

  • Feedback Mechanism: Post evaluation, entrants can expect constructive feedback, including insights into the assessment. 

5. Our Shared Aim:

Together with EY, our aim is clear: to identify, recognise, and champion sustainability innovations that have the potential to make a significant positive impact on the Baltic region and beyond. We are not just looking for today's leaders but cultivating tomorrow's pioneers. Join us in this journey towards a sustainable, innovative future for the Baltic.

6. What are the benefits for the Finalists and Winners of the Awards?

6.1. From each Finalist entity, two delegates will be invited to join the Ceremony on December 7, 2023. The Finalists will have the following benefits: 


6.1.1. An opportunity for the Finalists to pitch their initiative on the main stage. The participation in the pitching session is mandatory for all Finalists nominated for five thematic categories - Climate Innovations, Circular Economy, Energy Technologies, Social Initiatives and Urban Development. 


6.1.2. An invitation to the VIP breakfast on the morning of the Awards event on December 7.


6.1.3. The Finalists will receive recognition and attention from a broad audience of innovation, technology, and sustainability professionals and enthusiasts across the Baltics. 


6.1.4. The event will have extensive media coverage, including communication in various social media channels and communication within partner channels, interviews, articles, and other channels that are a part of the startup, green tech, sustainability, and innovation ecosystem. It might increase the visibility of the Finalists in the Baltic market, where they will be positioned as leaders in sustainability and innovation fields.

6.1.5. There will be networking possibilities, like matchmaking activity. Thus there is an opportunity to create partnerships and broaden professional networks with representatives of large corporations, small and medium enterprises, startups & GreenTech ecosystem members, investors, Individuals interested in sustainability and innovation.

6.1.6. Opportunity to learn from peers and get inspired by exceptional individuals who promote sustainability and innovation development in the region.

6.2. The Winners

6.2.1. The winners will receive a digital badge to announce their status as Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 winners, which they can use on various digital platforms and social channels. 

6.2.2. The communication plan includes extensive communication after the event. Therefore the winners will be exposed to increased media attention. It might improve the branding of the Winners since they will be positioned as core Baltic players, experts, and leaders in sustainability and innovation fields.



7. What are the criteria and process for selecting the Finalists and Winners?


All applications will be reviewed to fulfill the eligibility criteria set out in these Awards Terms and Conditions. Only applications that have passed this review will be considered in the Category Finalists and Winners selection process.  


7.1. A separate Jury for each Category will be selected consisting of reputable individuals:


7.1.1. For five thematic categories: With in-depth knowledge and experience in CSR practices and sustainability strategy, Start-ups and innovations, environmental specialist, and social or entrepreneurial projects staff members from Baltic and European sustainability, environment, and business organizations.


7.1.2. For the Sustainability Ambassador category: With in-depth knowledge and experience in sustainability topics and expertise in large-scale initiatives promoting public awareness of the importance of sustainability and innovation.


7.3. Finalist selection

7.3.1. Applications for five thematic categories will be evaluated and scored by Jury members, and the average scores will be calculated by the Organizers and Head of the Jury. Three Finalists in each Category will be selected based on the overall highest score obtained from this Jury scoring process and Jury discussions. 

7.3.2. For the Sustainability Ambassador category three Finalists per country will be selected based on the overall highest score obtained from this Jury scoring process and Jury discussions.



7.4. Winner selection


7.4.1. Five thematic categories: The Organizers or the Jury may require additional information from Finalists to properly assess their application, business, or compliance with these Baltic Sustainability Awards Terms and Conditions. If so, the Organizers will contact the Participant through the contact details provided in the form to request (i) an interview to discuss their application and/or (ii) that they provide further supporting documentation. If they cannot comply with such a request within the reasonable time frame requested by the Organizers, their application may be dismissed.

7.4.2. The Sustainability Ambassador category will be chosen based on the public voting taking place from November 23 until December 7. The Finalists for this category will not need to present their cases during the event.

7.4.3 The Finalists will present their cases in a pitch format, based on the criteria individually sent to them before the Ceremony. The participation in the pitching session is mandatory for all Finalists nominated for five thematic categories.


7.4.2. The Community Actions and Sustainability Ambassador categories: Categories will be chosen based on the public voting taking place from November 23 until December 7. The Finalists for these categories will not need to present their cases during the event.


8. Information submitted with the Awards application and privacy policy


8.1. For this clause, “Confidential Information” means information that the Applicants of the Award disclose to the Organizers under these Awards Terms and Conditions, and that is marked as confidential or would typically be considered Confidential Information. It does not include information that the recipient already knew, that becomes public through no fault of the recipient, that was independently developed by the recipient, or that was rightfully given to the recipient by a third party without confidentiality obligations.


8.2. The Organizers will not disclose the Confidential Information that has been submitted to them by the Participants of the Award, except to the members of the Jury or elected staff assisting the Jury who need to know it to process the applications and who have agreed in writing to keep it confidential. It is highly advisable to not disclose any Confidential information like commercial secrets or any confidential technical information that should be protected by the applicant entity. The Organizers will ensure that Jury or elected staff assisting the Jury:


8.2.1. Use Confidential Information only to exercise rights and fulfill obligations under these terms and conditions;


8.2.2. Keep Confidential Information confidential. The Organizers may disclose Confidential Information only if required to do so by law. 


8.2.3. Except for the limited use rights under these Awards Terms and Conditions, neither party acquires any right, title, or interest in the other party's Confidential Information.


8.2.4. Even though the Organizers take on full responsibility not to disclose the Confidential Information, the participants are encouraged to keep such disclosures at a minimum amount or not disclose highly confidential information at all. 


8.2.5. The organizers will process the Applicants' personal data based on the personal data processing rules of the Awards. 

9. Use of the Baltic Sustainability Awards in communications of the Organizers and the Participants

9.1. The Finalists are allowed to use the logo of the Awards as well as pictures, video materials, and other publicly available materials (the Official Materials) from the Ceremony and above to communicate the achievement of being selected as the Finalist or a Winner. 


9.2. If the logo and pictures of the Awards are used as described in 9.1.,the User is not allowed to change or use modified versions of the Official Materials.  


9.3. If the usage of the Official Materials negatively impacts the public image of the Organizer and/or of the Awards, the Organizer may prohibit further use of the Official Materials by written notice.


9.4. The Organizers may use the names and logos of the Finalists and the Winners, quotes, photos, videos from the Awards even where the Participants are visible, and their online application forms except the Confidential Information in any communications related to the Awards in any media channels.


9.5. The Organizers are allowed to publish any details related to the Finalists and the Winners, descriptions of their actions fostering sustainability and innovation development in the Baltics, their or their businesses' names, and other related information deemed appropriate in their absolute discretion.

9.6. The Participant agrees to provide the Organizers with any necessary permissions, licenses, and rights to use their materials, logos, and content for the purposes stated above.

9.7. Any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the Official Materials or any materials related to the Awards can result in disqualification from the current or future editions of the Awards or other actions deemed appropriate by the Organizers.

9.8. Duration of Use: Finalists and Winners are permitted to use the official materials for a duration of three year following the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony. Any continued use beyond this duration requires written permission from the Organizer.

9.9. Indemnification: Participants agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Organizer from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, or expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, arising out of or in any way connected with the unauthorized or inappropriate use of the official materials.

9.10. Termination: The Organizer reserves the right to terminate or revoke the permission to use the official materials at any point if the Participant is found to be in breach of these terms. Upon receipt of a written notice of termination, the Participant must immediately cease all use of the mentioned materials.

9.11. Approval Process: If any Participant wishes to use the official materials in a manner not covered by these terms, a written request must be submitted to the Organizer for review and approval.

9.12. Updates & Modifications: The Organizer reserves the right to modify, revise, or update these terms at any point without prior notice. Participants are responsible for staying informed about any changes.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

10.1. The Applicant retains ownership of the intellectual property rights in and to the application form and any subsequent information or materials provided as part of the application process (Application Materials). Any information that the Applicant provides to the Organizers will be used only following these Awards Terms and Conditions to the extent necessary to assess the application and create Baltic Green Leadership Report. By applying, the Applicant grants the Organizers and their affiliates a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, fully paid-up, and royalty-free license to use, have used, import, export, and otherwise provide, transfer, deliver, or dispose of Application Materials to administer the Awards and/or ensure the compliance with these Award Terms.  


10.2. Despite 10.1., the Applicant acknowledges that the Organizers, their affiliates, and its and their directors, officers, employees, and contractors (including members of the Jury) may independently (i) create, develop or purchase products, services, information or materials, or (ii) work on, sponsor or commission projects, related to or similar to the subject matter as the Applicant. 

10.3. By submitting the form, the Applicant confirms that all necessary agreements, releases, licenses, and approvals to disclose the Application Materials to the Awards have been made and that the Applicant grants a right at 10.1. to the Organizers (including, for collaborative projects, from any collaborators). The Applicant confirms that submitting the Application Materials will not infringe any third-party rights (including intellectual property rights). If there arise claims from the third parties regarding intellectual property rights due to the submitted application, the Applicant is responsible for solving the claims.



11. Right to cancel or modify the Awards

The Organizers have the right to cancel, modify or suspend the Ceremony at any time due to any circumstances beyond the Organizer's reasonable control or other circumstances that could impact the quality of the Ceremony. 


12. Exclusion from the Awards

If the information included in the online application form is not true, the Organizers can terminate the application from further participation in the Awards. The same applies if the 7.4.2., 5.4., 5.3. or 3.1.1. points are violated. The Organizers also reserve the right in their absolute discretion to dismiss the applications contrary to the spirit of these Award Terms or the intention of the Awards.


13. General terms

13.1. These Awards Terms and Conditions do not give any rights to the third parties.


13.2. The Organizers are not liable for any failures or delays if they are caused due to force majeure circumstances that could not be foreseen before and happen beyond the Organizers' control. 


13.3. These Awards Terms are superior to other agreements that have been made among the parties relating to the subject matter of these Award Terms.


13.4. If there is a difference between the information available on the Awards website and these Award Terms and Conditions, these Awards Terms and Conditions should be applied. 


13.5. These Awards Terms and Conditions are created based on the laws of the Republic of Latvia, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws.


13.6. If any term or a part of it is invalid, the rest of the terms remain in force. 


13.7. Any dispute or claims arising out of These Awards Terms and Conditions or the breach, termination, or invalidity shall be settled in the court.

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