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Winners of Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023: A Hope for the Future

Riga's historic Splendid Palace recently hosted the 2023 Baltic Sustainability Awards, a gathering that shone a spotlight on the brightest minds in sustainability from across the Baltics. This event was more than a celebration; it was a platform for change, highlighting the crucial role of sustainable innovations in shaping a greener future.

Celebrating the Frontrunners of Sustainability

Climate Innovations: The spotlight was on Latvia's Puroceans Technology, represented by Alona Stepanova. Their pioneering air bubble technology for cleaning marine pollution is not just innovative; it's a potential game-changer for the Baltic Sea and beyond.

Circular Economy: Estonia's Ringo Eco, under Janek Balonsk's leadership, is transforming the way we think about packaging with its reusable model, potentially taking a significant step towards reducing packaging waste.

Renewable Energy Technologies: PVcase from Lithuania, led by Paulius Miecius, is redefining solar energy deployment with its efficient AutoCAD plug-in, a boon for the renewable energy sector.

Social Initiatives: Latvia's Augstsprieguma tīkls (AST), guided by Līva Jēgere, showcased their commitment to rebuilding hope through sustainable energy infrastructure repair, especially in Ukraine.

Future-Ready Urban Development: Estonia’s R8 Technologies, steered by Klaus Ek, is pioneering in making buildings smarter and more sustainable, addressing the global challenge of CO2 emissions from urban development.

Special Prizes and Honorable Mentions

Special Prizes:

  • PVcase UAB received Sorainen’s Special Prize for solar energy advancement.

  • Rimi's Special Prize went to Beeloop for their strides in food waste reduction.

  • R8 Technologies was honored with JCDecoux’s Special Prize for sustainable urban development.

Honorable Finalists:

  • In the Climate Innovations category, CompAct OÜ and KWOTA OÜ stood out.

  • FudLoop OÜ and The Rewear Company were recognized in the Circular Economy category.

  • Solarstone OÜ and SIA Skanstes Business Centre were noted in Renewable Energy Technologies.

  • Impact Day NGO and SIA Sonido were acknowledged in Social Initiatives.

  • SpirulinaNord SIA and Bikeep OÜ highlighted Future-Ready Urban Development.

Sustainability Ambassadors: Leading the Way

The awards also celebrated Sustainability Ambassadors who are driving change:

  • Latvia: Jana Trapane, for her advocacy in data-driven sustainability.

  • Estonia: Remo Kirss, for promoting sustainable actions in companies.

  • Lithuania: Paulius Chockevičius, for his work in urban beekeeping and biodiversity.

A Call for Continued Action

In the words of Marija Ručevska, "Sustainability is not a choice; it's the only way forward." This event was a call to action for everyone, from corporations to individuals, to continue striving for sustainable innovation. Let's take this spirit forward, making the Baltic Sustainability Awards not just an event, but a movement for a better world.



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