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Unveiled: The Raw, Uncut Behind-the-Scenes of Evaluation 

In this age of eco-awakening, "sustainability" is the name of the game. As the world shifts towards a greener future, the Baltic region is stepping up to do its part and contribute to the global movement. This brings us to the Baltic Sustainability Awards, set for an exciting third edition this December.

While the glitzy award nights and outstanding honorees hog the limelight, an entire backstage crew deserves equal credit. From the meticulous evaluation process to the experts Jury, this behind-the-scenes transforms the Baltic Sustainability Awards from just another award to a guiding light for sustainability in the Baltic region and beyond.

“Change isn't for the faint-hearted, and neither is sustainability. In the tumultuous tides of the Baltic, some see chaos; we see opportunity. Dive in, get drenched in ambition, and let's stir the waters together. The Baltic Sustainability Awards? Not just a pat on the back but a call to arms. If you're not on board, you're missing the boat.” Kristaps Cirulis, Head of Impact & Comms at Helve.

The Awards showcase sustainability projects blooming across the Baltic region. These initiatives echo the same spirit of innovation and expansiveness as the Baltic Sea. But the real question is - how does one measure the true impact of these projects?

So loosen your tie, grab a coffee, tea or drink, and dive into this raw, uncut exposé that reveals how the Baltic Sustainability Awards is made.

Cracking the Methodology: A Commitment to Fairness and Excellence

To ensure a rigorous yet balanced evaluation, the BSA collaborated with those masters of method – EY Baltic. Leveraging EY's global expertise while calibrating for Baltic sensibilities, a comprehensive methodology matrix emerged. And this wasn't just a copy-paste job. Many coffee cups, sweat, and maybe a few tears went into customizing every criterion and metric to resonate with the region's unique sustainability needs. As an team revealed:

"It wasn't about imposing some global framework onto the Baltic. For hours, we debated what parameters truly mattered for the region's vision. It was more about soul searching than number crunching."

But once the "soul searching" was done, some number crunching began.

Decoding the Application:

Stripped down to its core elements, here's what potential awardees need to reveal:

Section 1: Basic Details

You have to get the basics right. Project name, website, contact info. Boring but important.

Section 2: Impact Analysis

This cut to the core. Measuring the environmental, social, and economic impact provides that sweet 360-degree view. Additional factors like projected longevity and people reach quantify the scale of influence.

Section 3: Financial Sustainability

Impact and income - are often two sides of the sustainability coin. This section assesses how well money is translating into impact. Pro-tip: Higher Impact-Cost Efficiency scores win.

Section 4: Proof Points

Ideas are great, but proof is better. This section checks the evidence behind the application - be it prototypes, research, or operational metrics.

Section 5: Supplementary Info

Some optional spice to seal the deal. Links, reports, test trials - anything substantiating the application's credibility.

Crunching the Numbers:

While we just skimmed the application, here's a deep dive into the essential formulas guiding the evaluation:

  1. Holistic Impact Score (HIS): An aggregated "sustainability score" based on environmental, social, and economic impact parameters. Think of it as a measure of the overall good vibes.

  2. Impact-Cost Efficiency Ratio (ICER) This metric cuts to the chase - how well does the project turn its budgets into genuine, measurable impact? Higher efficiency scores directly correlate with impact per unit.

  3. Comprehensive Impact Score (CIS) This is the 360-degree impact-feasibility score that encompasses critical factors like scalability, longevity, adaptability, etc. Beyond just impact, it evaluates the project's future potential and viability.

The Brains Behind the Operation: The Jury

With up to 50+ members spanning sectors, industries, and specializations, the BSA jury is a force to be contended with. These experts act as the first filter, separating the sustainable wheat from the chaff.

But once the wheat's separated, the next level takes over. Enter the Jury Leads - sustainability experts in their domains. Their role? To ensure the BSA winners aren't just regional stars but globally bankable and trustworthy impact front-runners.

For example, consider Dr. Nātālija Cudečka-Puriņa. As a Senior Consultant in Climate Change and Sustainability Services at EY, she harnesses her profound knowledge of the Circular Economy, ensuring that resources are utilized to their maximum potential.

Then there's Gunita Kuļikovska-Ķiesnere, the brain behind Vividly. As a visionary in Urban Development, she integrates sustainable solutions into architectural wonders, redefining how we perceive and interact with our built environments.

Donatas Šumyla, the Mover at Rockit, is leading the Sustainability Ambassador category. His Head of Startup Partnership role underscores his commitment to fostering collaborations that champion the cause of a greener future.

In the realm of renewable energy, Rytis Kėvelaitis leads by example. As the Founder & CEO of Energy Unlimited, he is on a mission to harness the boundless power of nature, transforming it into energy solutions that are both efficient and eco-friendly.

Heidi Solba, with her indomitable spirit, heads the Global Network at 'Let's Do It World.' Her passion for social initiatives is evident in every endeavor she undertakes, uniting communities and sparking positive change across borders.

So before stepping on the Baltic Sustainability Awards stage, projects must sway this jury dream team.

The Road Ahead: From Awards to Movement

As the BSA enters its third year, it's catalyzed a behavioral shift in the region. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a central pillar guiding governments, businesses, and communities.

The 2023 awards night this December promises to be a fitting crescendo to this momentum. As partners like Rimi Baltic, EY Baltic, Virši, Eleport, Riga City, and Luminor double down on their commitment, the road ahead is clear - the Baltic region is gearing up to lead the global sustainability transformation.

Because the time to act is now, the planet's not getting any younger.


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