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The jury of the INNOVATION category

The Baltic Sustainability Awards team is blessed to have knowledgeable professionals from all over Europe on board. As the Jury, they have been working hard to determine the finalists, with the selection announcement coming on November 16.

Meanwhile, let's use the time we wait to introduce them. Here's the - INNOVATION category!

The "Innovation" category is devoted to enterprises and startups that have developed green technology products or solutions. All applications received in this category reveal the passion and groundbreaking solutions that can potentially change the world. Finalists of this category will pitch their solutions at the Baltic Sustainability Awards Forum and Ceremony, which will take place on November 30 in Splendid Palace in Riga.

Let's get to know the people without whom the awards ceremony would not be possible.


Erki Ani, CEO at Cleantech Estonia, Co-Founder at Beamline Accelerator

Erki is actively developing the cleantech innovation supportive ecosystem in Estonia. Since 2016 he has been supporting the local deep tech and cleantech startups via accelerator and incubator programs.

ERKI ANI (Estonia 🇪🇪), CEO at Cleantech Estonia, Co-Founder at Beamline Accelerator

SASHA LIPMAN (Ukraine 🇺🇦), Founder at tech2impact

KÄRT KLEIN (Estonia 🇪🇪), Associate at Change Ventures

IEVA KAZAKEVICIUTE (Lithuania 🇱🇹), Co-Founder of Sustain Academy

PAULIINA MESKANEN (Finland 🇫🇮), Founder at SurvivalTech Club

LALIT GAUTAM (France 🇫🇷), CEO & Founder at Sensegrass

MARIJA RUČEVSKA (Latvia 🇱🇻), Founding Partner at Helve

MIGLE MAKUSKAITE - SURVILE (Lithuania 🇱🇹), Co-Founder & CEO at Planet Positive

HELERY POPS (Estonia 🇪🇪), Co-Founder at Honey Badger Capital

ANNIE LINDMARK (Sweden 🇸🇪), Project Director at Vinnova

ELENA SALAMANDÎC - ALIJOŠIENĖ (Lithuania 🇱🇹), Partner at Katalista Ventures

SALVIS ROGA (Latvia 🇱🇻), Board Member at Green-Tech Cluster


TRIIN HERTMANN (Estonia 🇪🇪), Co-Founder and COO at Grünfin

KRISTĪNE NAGLE (Latvia 🇱🇻), Founder and Sustainability advisor at Your Impact House

The Awards Ceremony

Three finalists in each Baltic country will be selected based on the Jury evaluation and publicly announced on November 16. Afterward, the public vote in each of the Baltic countries will determine the winner of each country. The winners will be announced during the Baltic Sustainability Forum & Awards, which will be held on November 30.



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