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Breaking News: Deadline Extended for the Baltic Sustainability Awards!

Great news for sustainability leaders, CEOs, and forward-thinkers poised to turn climate commitments into transformative opportunities! The application deadline for the Baltic Sustainability Awards is extended to October 16th!

Seize the Sustainable Surge and dive into a sea of opportunities beyond mere recognition:

Impact assessment & Tangible Benefits:

In the wake of the recent storm in the Baltic, your involvement becomes a beacon of sustainable change and leadership. By participating, you align your strategies with global sustainability shifts, but also:

  • Gain invaluable, consolidated feedback from a jury of over 50 international experts.

  • Asses your sustainability actions and compare them to other frontrunners in Baltic countries.

Elevated Visibility:

Finalists will sail on a wave of amplified media support, accelerating your brand’s sustainable stories into the limelight across and beyond the Baltic region.

Peer-to-Peer Learning:

The forum on December 7th is a meeting point for networking and collaborative growth, connecting you with high-level experts, policymakers, and sustainability pioneers.

Economic Windfall:

Harness the potential of a global transition to a sustainable economy, projected to unlock $26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030 while creating 65 million new low-carbon jobs.

A Blueprint for Future Improvements:

The assessment review report and feedback from our esteemed jury serve as a roadmap for your organization, aiding in refining and elevating your future sustainability initiatives.

Your application is more than a submission; it’s a spark that ignites sustainable change, echoing through the economic and social landscapes.

October 16th is not just a new deadline; it’s your window into a sustainable, innovative future. The Baltic is calling for your initiatives.



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