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Wrap of Leading Climate Event of the Year: Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023

Yesterday, the historic Splendid Palace in Riga was not just a venue, but a crucible of revolutionary ideas and groundbreaking initiatives in the field of sustainability. The 2023 Baltic Sustainability Awards, a day packed with enlightening keynotes, fiery panels, and innovative pitches, culminated in a vibrant celebration of the best and brightest in the realm of eco-conscious progress. Let's dive into the details, the drama, and the data that made this event not just a success, but a hope in the fight against climate change.

"This year, more than 200 applications were submitted for the award from all over the Baltics, and we received an equal number of applications from each country. This only confirms that climate technologies and sustainability innovations are on the daily agenda of Baltic companies, and our region can confidently count itself among the pioneers of sustainability. Of course, subjecting oneself to the judgment of a Baltic-level jury is not easy, especially when one has to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and innovation themes. Therefore, we highly appreciate every company that shares its experience and can inspire others," comments Helve partner and organizer of the Baltic Sustainability Awards, Marija Ručevska. The goal of the award is to highlight the role of innovation in creating a sustainable and greener future.

The Winners and Why They Rock

Climate Innovations: Latvia's Puroceans Technology

Alona Stepanova, representing Puroceans, grabbed the spotlight with a tech wizardry straight out of a sci-fi novel. Their air bubble technique for tackling oil spills and plastic on the seafloor isn't just cool; it's crucial. With the Baltic Sea grappling with pollution, this innovation could be a game-changer, potentially reversing decades of marine damage. The Baltic region, heavily reliant on its marine ecosystems, could see a revival in marine life, boosting both environmental and economic health.

Helve's hosting of this category underlines our as organizers dedication to fostering innovative solutions to pressing ecological issues, creating a platform for groundbreaking ideas like Puroceans Technology.

Circular Economy: Estonia's Ringo Eco

Ringo Eco, led by Janek Balonsk, is reimagining the mundane world of packaging. Their reuse, wash, and repeat model could slash the region's single-use packaging waste – a massive contributor to environmental pollution. Considering Estonia generates approximately 400 kg of waste per person annually, this could be a monumental step towards a zero-waste future.

A special thanks to Rimi Baltic for their invaluable role in showcasing the Circular Economy category. Their dedication to sustainable practices was a perfect match for this segment, amplifying initiatives like Ringo Eco that are redefining waste management and resource efficiency.

Renewable Energy Technologies: Lithuania's PVcase

Paulius Miecius and his team at PVcase UAB are breaking new ground in solar energy deployment. Their AutoCAD plug-in could accelerate the adoption of solar energy across the Baltic States, where renewable energy only accounts for a fraction of the total energy consumption. This could be the push needed to transition from heavy reliance on fossil fuels to a cleaner, greener future.

We are deeply appreciative of Virši’s involvement in the Renewable Energy Technologies category. Their commitment to future energy solutions provided a crucial platform for groundbreaking projects like PVcase UAB, highlighting the significance of renewable energy innovations in our journey toward sustainability.

Social Initiatives: Latvia's "Augstsprieguma tīkls" (AST)

Līva Jēgere, representing AST, is doing more than just fixing power lines; they're rebuilding hope. Their sustainable approach to repairing Ukraine's energy infrastructure sets an example of resilience and cooperation that resonates beyond national borders.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Luminor for hosting the Social Initiatives category. Their support was key in spotlighting essential projects like AST's initiative, underscoring the importance of social responsibility and community engagement in the sustainability narrative.

Future-Ready Urban Development: Estonia’s R8 Technologies

Klaus Ek of R8tech is not just tinkering with AI; he's deploying it to make buildings smart and sustainable. Given that buildings contribute nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions, R8tech's solutions could revolutionize urban landscapes, turning energy-guzzling structures into models of efficiency.

We thank Riga City for its vital role in hosting the Future-Ready Urban Development category. Their dedication to sustainable urban progress shone a light on innovative solutions like R8tech, demonstrating the potential of technology in transforming urban environments.

Special Prizes: Celebrating Distinctive Achievements

  • Sorainen’s Special Prize to PVcase: A nod to the advancement in solar energy.

  • Rimi's Special Prize to Beeloop: Acknowledging innovative strides in food waste reduction.

  • JCDecoux’s Special Prize to R8 Technologies: Highlighting the importance of sustainable urban development.

Honorable Mentions: The Fabulous Finalists

Let's not forget the finalists who sparkled brighter than bioluminescent algae. Each one brought something special to the table.

Climate Innovations Finalists

  • CompAct OÜ and KWOTA OÜ: Each brought unique solutions to promote sustainability in their respective fields.

Circular Economy Finalists

  • FudLoop OÜ and The Rewear Company: Presented innovative models in food waste reduction and sustainable fashion, respectively.

Renewable Energy Technologies Finalists

  • Solarstone OÜ and SIA Skanstes Business Centre: Showcased advancements in photovoltaic technology and sustainable construction.

Social Initiatives Finalists

  • Impact Day NGO and SIA Sonido: Highlighted the importance of collaborative platforms for sustainability and initiatives to combat social isolation.

Future-Ready Urban Development Finalists

  • SpirulinaNord SIA and Bikeep OÜ: Demonstrated innovative approaches in urban agriculture and sustainable transportation.

Celebrating the Sustainability Ambassadors

Winners: Pioneers of Sustainable Change

  • Latvia: Jana Trapane, is celebrated for her advocacy in data-driven sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) integration in business decision-making.

  • Estonia: Remo Kirss, is recognized for his efforts in raising awareness and promoting sustainable actions within companies, showcasing the importance of long-term environmental strategies.

  • Lithuania: Paulius Chockevičius, honored for his work in urban beekeeping and biodiversity, highlighting the significance of local, nature-based solutions.

All three winners has demonstrated exceptional leadership, not only in their respective fields but also in inspiring a broader cultural shift toward sustainability.

Finalists: The Forerunners of Environmental Stewardship

  • Latvia:

    • Ieva Kustova, for integrating sustainability into business operations and her role in the EU Taxonomy Implementation.

    • Valerija Kozlova, as a lecturer at RISEBA University, is dedicated to educating the next generation about sustainable practices.

  • Estonia:

    • Diana Paakspuu, for her contributions as CEO of Uuskasutuskeskus and as an ESG Strategic consultant.

    • Sander Tamm, through, guides citizens towards sustainable lifestyles focusing on waste reduction and environmental education.

  • Lithuania:

    • Rugilė Matusevičiūtė, raising environmental awareness through engaging audiovisual content.

    • Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis, advocating for a sustainable economic system and challenging traditional paradigms.

Each of these finalists, with their unique and impactful initiatives, demonstrates the power of innovative thinking in addressing environmental challenges. The involvement of host companies in each category is not just a symbolic gesture but a clear indication of their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. These companies are not mere bystanders in the sustainability journey; they are active participants and frontrunners, setting an example for others in their respective industries.

"Sustainable energy is essential for achieving climate goals in all sectors, particularly by emphasizing various innovations that allow adaptation to existing demands and objectives. It should also be mentioned that collaboration and the exchange of innovations in the Baltic context can serve as a foundation for company transformation and sustainable growth. Virši chose to support Baltic Sustainability Awards because we are not just players in the energy sector, but also actively involved in implementing various sustainable solutions and are committed to continuing such a strategy in the future," emphasizes Anrijs Tukulis, Virši Sustainability Projects Manager.

The Impact: Numbers Don't Lie

These winners aren't just feel-good stories; they're beacons of change in a region that's both vulnerable to and capable of influencing climate change. The Baltic States, with their unique geographical and economic makeup, stand at a crossroads. Adopting these innovations could lead to a domino effect, inspiring other regions and proving that small countries can lead to big changes.

For instance, Puroceans' technology could significantly reduce the Baltic Sea's pollution levels, which have historically impacted local fisheries and tourism industries. Ringo Eco's reusable packaging initiative aligns perfectly with the EU's goal to recycle 50% of plastic packaging by 2025. Meanwhile, the push for renewable energy, as exemplified by PVcase UAB, is not just environmentally sound but also economically savvy, given the region's heavy energy import bills.

What's Next: The Road Ahead

The journey doesn't end here. As we applaud these pioneers, we must also gear up for next year's challenges and opportunities. The "NO NONSENSE" podcast, set to launch soon, promises to be a treasure trove of insights from these sustainability frontrunners. Additionally, the upcoming ICE (Impact Cost Efficiency) rating will offer a transparent benchmark for future applicants, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment. And remember the 2023 awards is just the beginning. With plans for side events and additional activities with our partners, the sustainability actions is set to continue. Stay tuned for updates and brace yourselves for more edgy, earth-loving action.

Yesterday's event was not just a gathering; it was a clarion call for action. As we reflect on the successes and prepare for the challenges ahead, let's remember the words of Marija Ručevska in her opening remarks: "Sustainability is not a choice; it's the only way forward."

To everyone out there, from companies to individuals: Keep doing good, keep innovating, and maybe next year, we'll be talking about you. Let's make the Baltic Sustainability Awards not just an event, but a movement that reshapes our world for the better.



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