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You’ve landed at the crossroads of inspiration and action, where Sustainability Ambassadors from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have converged to redefine what’s possible in our journey towards a sustainable future. Dive into the stories of our extraordinary finalists. Their fate is in your hands. Yes, YOU have the power to accelerate one of these sustainability doers into the spotlight they deserve.

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ACTIONS: Diana Paakspuu has contributed to sustainability in Estonia through her role as CEO of Uuskasutuskeskus, focusing on reuse and circular economy, and now as an ESG Strategic consultant.

IMPACT: Her work could inspire a wider adoption of circular economy practices among Estonian companies, leading to significant environmental and social benefits.



ACTIONS: Through, Sander Tamm guides citizens towards sustainable lifestyles, focusing on waste reduction, environmental education, and sustainable consumer choices.

IMPACT: This platform could play a significant role in educating the public about environmental issues, fostering a society more conscious of its environmental impact.



ACTIONS: Remo Kirss aims to raise awareness and shift mindsets towards sustainable actions, encouraging companies not to be deterred by initial costs and challenges in sustainable initiatives.

IMPACT: His efforts could lead to a greater understanding and implementation of sustainability in various economic sectors, potentially changing consumer behaviors and corporate strategies.




ACTIONS: Ieva Kustova is recognized for her leadership in integrating sustainability principles into business operations, including her role in developing the EU Taxonomy Implementation and Sustainable Finance Roadmap for Estonia and Latvia.

IMPACT: Her influence could lead to widespread adoption of sustainable practices in businesses, potentially transforming the way companies across the region and beyond approach sustainability and corporate responsibility.



ACTIONS: Jana Trapane focuses on promoting data-driven sustainability in business, advocating for the use of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria for risk management and decision-making.

IMPACT: Her work could lead to a more transparent and accountable approach to corporate sustainability, encouraging businesses to adopt practices that are genuinely sustainable and not just for show.



ACTIONS: As a lecturer at RISEBA University, Valerija Kozlova is dedicated to educating new generations about sustainability, combining theory with practical implementation and research.

IMPACT: Her educational and research efforts could significantly influence the mindset and practices of future leaders, embedding sustainability into various sectors and contributing to long-term sustainable development.




ACTIONS: Rugilė Matusevičiūtė focuses on raising environmental awareness through engaging audiovisual content, including TV shows, documentaries, and social media.

IMPACT: Her work could significantly enhance public environmental literacy and consciousness, potentially leading to greater public support for environmental conservation efforts.



ACTIONS: His mission includes promoting urban beekeeping and biodiversity, offering educational workshops, and developing green infrastructure like bee-friendly green roofs.

IMPACT: These initiatives could improve urban biodiversity, educate the public about the importance of pollinators, and contribute to combating the urban heat island effect.




ACTIONS: Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis advocates for a sustainable economic system, challenging traditional paradigms and promoting an economy that prioritizes well-being within planetary boundaries.

IMPACT: His scientific work and advocacy could influence a global shift towards more resilient, equitable, and low-carbon economies, fundamentally changing how businesses and policies approach sustainability.

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