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Baltic Sustainability Awards

Sustainability Ambassador form


Welcome to the application form for the Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023!


Navigating our application form is as straightforward as a stroll along the Baltic shores. Minimal inputs, maximised clarity. While the scale or domain of your project might differ—whether you’re a tech startup innovating in renewable energy or a community in Saaremaa building novel sustainable educational programme —our assessment matrix remains consistent, ensuring fairness and simplicity. You bring the intent and innovation; we ensure the process remains hassle-free.


This form progresses through several stages, starting with general questions and then delving into specifics about the initiative you're nominating and its potential future impact.


For more detailed information on our evaluation approach, please visit the Evaluation section or Frequently Asked Questions section. 


➔ First name

➔ Last name

➔ Email

➔ Phone number 

➔ Country (Dropdown choice - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)


​➔ What is your mission, and what are the challenges related to sustainability you are addressing? (max 250 words) 

➔ What inspired you to work on this challenge, and what motivates you? (max 200 words)

➔ Why do you qualify for sustainability ambassador? (Where do you see your major contribution – new scientific achievements/ influencer/ strong voice in society, policy planning, etc.)

➔ What are the main obstacles to implementing your mission’s ideas into life?


➔ What kind of societal impact and reach do your activities have? (Try to quantify your reach of people, for example, amount of followers, amount of people attending your workshops or other events, social media reach in last year’s period)

➔ What impact your work on the challenge will have in 5-10 years? (max 200 words)

➔ Do other people appreciate your activities? Please provide any references or people we can contact (for example, testimonials from followers and collaborators, other examples)

➔ Years spent on activities related to sustainability issues:

[Drop-down menu:

<1 years,

1-5 years,

5-10 years,

10+ years]

➔ What channels and methods do you use to spread your message? 

[Drop-down menu: 
Content marketing in Social Media or Emails;
Attending public events or workshops;
Community involvement (online or offline communities);
Partnerships and Collaborations; Campaigns;

➔ Do you include “call to action” to your audience? Can you give any examples?

➔ Please confirm that you agree to the Baltic Sustainability Awards terms & conditions and data privacy policy by submitting this form.
☐ I agree.


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