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Seeking for inspiring individuals: The Jury of the CHANGEMAKER category

The Baltic Sustainability Awards team is proud of this year's Jury team working on the evaluation process. This year we're welcoming 46 jury members coming from 9 different countries! The Jury has begun its work to determine the awards finalists, which will be announced on November 16. While the jury members are getting acquainted with the exciting initiatives, let's get to know the Jury members of the awards. We will start with the CHANGEMAKER category jury.

Let's be honest; this category is special, as we were not looking for companies and their achievements; we were looking for individuals who are making an ongoing effort to educate, raise awareness and inspire others for sustainable change. During the evaluation process, the Jury will select three changemakers in every Baltic country, while a public vote will decide the winner in each country. We also believe that our CHANGEMAKER jury members are changemakers themselves, so we want to introduce you.


Every team has that one person who is the backbone and holds the team together, and our Changemaker jury is no exception. Let's meet Greta Monstavice, CHANGEMAKER category jury lead. Sasha has been responsible for leading the jury process and aligning the opinions of our knowledgeable jury members to reach the finalists' list for each Baltic country. Greta Monstavice is a co-founder and CEO of Katalista Ventures, the first triple top line (TTL) hybrid startup accelerator and fund in the Baltics. She has also participated in multiple international juries in numerous startup contests. Greta is passionate about high-impact ventures.

Jury members for the CHANGEMAKER category

GRETA MONSTAVICE (Lithuania 🇱🇹), CEO at Katalista Ventures

ANDIS ŠĶĒLE (Latvia 🇱🇻), Director at Baltic Block

ANNELI OHVRIL (Estonia 🇪🇪), CEO at Let's Do It World

CLAUDIO RIVERA (Latvia 🇱🇻), Bachelor Programs Director at Riga Business School

GARY URB, (Estonia 🇪🇪) CEO at UP Catalyst

BIANCA (GERLINGER) PITT (Austria 🇦🇹), Co-founder at SHE Changes Climate

RANNAR PARK (Estonia 🇪🇪), Chief Executive Officer at LIFT99 Tallinn

ANNA ANDERSONE (Latvia 🇱🇻), Entrepreneur and Chief Empowerment Officer at Riga TechGirls

LIVA STURMANE (Latvia 🇱🇻), Managing Director at The Red Jackets

ANNA MARIJA ĶIESNERE (Latvia 🇱🇻), Business Development at Helve & Accelerator Lead at Future Hub

MĀRA SPROĢE (Latvia 🇱🇻), Marketing and Communications Manager at Dokobit

The Awards Ceremony

Three finalists in each Baltic country will be selected based on the Jury evaluation and publicly announced on November 16. Afterwards, the public vote in each of the Baltic countries will determine the winner of each country. The winners will be announced during the Baltic Sustainability Forum & Awards, which will be held on November 30.



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