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​​Over 240 sustainability achievements submitted for Baltic Sustainability Awards 2022

The application process for the Baltic Sustainability Awards 2022, organized by Helve in cooperation with Rimi Baltic, has concluded! We are delighted to see continuous interest and developments in the field of sustainability all over the Baltics - we have received 241 applications and can't wait to explore all of the initiatives.

This year we can already see that the methodology improvements, thanks to our methodology partner EY, have brought the results, and the overall quality of the applications has increased. Baltic representation has also reached its full potential, with 32% of applications coming from Latvia, 29% from Estonia and 33% from Lithuania, and 6% from Baltic-level initiatives. We are happy to see how many ideas have been initiated during this year and the growing interest in sustainability innovation despite the challenging times. We thank each applicant for sharing her achievements and working on a more sustainable future!

What's next?

The Jury is now going through all the submissions and evaluating the submitted applications. A complete list of the finalists in all categories will be announced on November 16 on our website as well each finalist will receive a personal note. From then on, public voting will start to choose the winner for the Changemaker category.

Awards ceremony

All finalists will pitch their achievements at the Baltic Sustainability Awards Forum and Ceremony, which will take place on November 30 in Splendid Palace in Riga. The Jury will have the chance to ask questions to choose the winners in the Innovation and Impact categories, which will be announced at the culmination of the day-long event. Guess will have the chance to hear the latest insights and trends in sustainability innovation during panel discussions and keynotes. More information on the event is coming soon, but not to miss anything, join the event on Linkedin and Facebook!


As with all great awards speeches, we also have many to thank! We wanted to thank our founding partner Rimi Baltic, strategic methodology partner EY, partners Baltic Block and Dokobit, media partners Clear Channel and Delfi, and community partners, for making this happen. Special gratitude goes to the Jury who is about to immerse themselves in the world of Baltic sustainability.



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