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The driving forces of Baltic sustainability and innovation ecosystems

Change is not easy. It is complicated, unknown, and the road towards it is often bumpy. But not having to do it alone might make it all easier. Having peer support, advice, and inspiration instead. We continue building and expanding the community of Baltic Sustainability Awards with this particular goal in mind. We bring together Baltic startup, sustainability, and business community organizations and create a platform to share ideas, experiences, and expertise.

Our team is grateful to each and every organization that has joined the initiative. They have joined the Jury, helped us shape the methodology, supported us in reaching organizations and enterprises, shared advice, and their words of encouragement have reminded us repeatedly that real sustainability and innovation success stories must be heard. Meet the Baltic Sustainability Awards community organizations, see what they work on every day, and let us know if you would like to meet some of them; we can definitely make it work!

Startups & CleanTech

Startin.LV (Latvia) - Latvian Startup Association;

Greentech Alliance (Europe) - Community of Greentech companies from all over the world which connects the members to top-tier VCs, media, and experts;

Startup Lithuania - Facilitator of Lithuania's startup ecosystem, building a globally recognized startup-friendly environment;

Cleantech Estonia - Estonian and regional cleantech sector development powerhouse;

Rockit (Lithuania) - Prime space in Lithuania where top FinTech innovators, creators, and founders build the future of Financial Technologies;

TechChill (Latvia) - The leading tech and startup event in the Baltics. Lithuanian Green Building Council - A non-profit organization actively promoting the creation of a sustainable environment and spurring innovations in the design, construction and operation of green buildings in Lithuania.

Green-Tech Cluster - an organization developed for cross-sectoral cooperation bringing together companies, educational and research institutions, and other organizations that partly or fully operate in green and smart technologies industries;

Lift99 (Estonia) - The mission is to strengthen the global startup community and to help startups succeed by bringing founders together, both physically and digitally;

Riga TechGirls (Latvia)- the first community in Latvia dedicated to educating and inspiring girls & women about technology.

Sustainability & CSR

CSR Latvia - Association that promotes the development of Latvian entrepreneurs by introducing corporate social responsibility principles into the organization's strategies;

Sustainable Business Association of Lithuania - Brings together companies and organizations committed to implementing and following responsible and sustainable business practices;

Let's Do It Foundation (Estonia) - A non-profit organization working towards a waste-free world through community influencers - organizations, and local authorities;

AgriFood Lithuania - A digital innovation hub that brings together major research, business, and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common pursuit of digital transformations in the agriculture, food, and associated sectors;

Zaļā Josta - a Latvian company that cares for clean Latvia and responsible business activity by operating in different ways.

World Nature Fund (Latvia) - Conserves nature and reduces the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. Sustain Academy (Lithuania) - The first academy in Lithuania that holistically educates sustainability specialists and professionals responsible for the topic of sustainability in their workplace.

Coalition Clean Baltic (Baltic) - CCB is a politically independent, non-profit association with a vision to reach good ecological conditions in the Baltic Sea, ensuring its marine and terrestrial ecosystems can maintain and sustain biodiversity while also supporting sustainable development in the Baltic region;

Environmental Coalition (Lithuania)- an umbrella organization that unites Lithuanian environmental NGOs;

CSR Europe (Estonia) - Europe's leading network for sustainable and responsible business, bringing together around 5,000 companies that want to promote sustainable economic growth and contribute to the sustainability of society.

Businesses & Universities

AmCham (Latvia) - Serves as a thought leadership hub for American and international businesses in Latvia;

The Red Jackets (Latvia) - Association that unites the best exporting brands of Latvia;

AmCham Lithuania - Association of businesses to develop mutually beneficial economic relations between the United States of America and the Republic of Lithuania;

AmCham Estonia - Association of businesses to develop mutually beneficial economic relations between the United States of America and the Republic of Estonia;

Netherlands embassy in Riga - Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Latvia.

Riga Business School (Latvia) - By its vision, is the number one destination for management education in the Baltics.



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