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Sustainability Forum & Awards Ceremony 

on December 7th

Splendid Palace, Riga

Seek inspiration, exchange knowledge, join the community and celebrate Baltic sustainability innovation  

One-day conference and Baltic Sustainability Awards 2022 ceremony all in one. Join the event and participate in the Baltics' biggest sustainability and innovation community gathering.


The Forum gathers international and local experts from the corporate, startup and public sector worlds to discuss sustainability and innovation in practice. 

Be in awe of the finalist pitches, seek inspiration for your business models, and be the first to find out who the winners are.

An exclusive gathering place for:

Baltic business leaders

Share your business sustainability innovation success stories and knowledge or pursue the same from others

Sustainability and innovation experts

It's all about sustainability innovation in practice. Seek inspiration, exchange ideas, share challenges and find out the latest trends

Startup founders and team

A chance for startup teams to meet Baltic corporates seeking innovative solutions and lay the groundwork for new collaborations

Community builders & enthusiasts

Connect with other driving forces of the Baltic sustainability and innovation ecosystems. Build bridges, find synergies and explore new directions

Public sector decision makers

Meet startups ready to provide effective solutions for current sustainability challenges. Exchange ideas and follow the latest developments 


Opening: The Role of Innovation 
Marija Rucevska, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Helve 
From Strategy to Practice: How to Set the Right Sustainability Goals and Measure Impact?

KEYNOTE by Jānis KauliņšPartner at EY, Leader of Climate Change and Sustainability Services in the Baltics

Sustainable long-term value comes from a carefully crafted agenda. However, arriving at something that addresses a range of issues means breaking down organizational silos, increasing agility, improving innovations, and leveraging data to ramp up organizational performance. 

Seat at the Table: The role of a Chief Sustainability Officer

PANEL DISCUSSION with Nora Pastore, Signet, and Maija Abolina - Tomsone, Ziemeļmeita Consulting and Inese Dose, Enefit. Moderated by Gunita Kuļikovska - Ķiesnere, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

Appointing someone as a Chief Sustainability Officer suddenly does not improve the organization's credibility on sustainability and social issues. How to set up this role for success in terms of traits, drivers, competencies, and experiences?

IMPACT Category Finalist Pitches ​

 Social initiatives: Oxylabs, Ancient Woods Foundation,Re-Use Centre

 Renewable energy: Aerones Engineering, Solarstone, Kurana

 Sustainable resources: UP Catalyst, Fusebox, TĀLAVA

 Sustainable supply chain: Marine Digital, THATDAY

 Sustainable cities & mobility: ECO BUS, Meredot, Tet 

The Journey from 51 Billion tons of emissions per year to Zero

FIRESIDE CHAT with Eric Dusseux, Breakthrough Energy Ventures moderated by Erki Ani, CEO at Cleantech Estonia.

Bill Gates' founded Breakthrough Energy, supports cutting-edge research development, invests in companies that turn green ideas into clean products, and advocates for policies that speed up innovation from lab to market. Let's pick their brain in a fireside chat on their action-packed plan to create a world powered by clean energy. 

Building a global category company in climate-tech from the Baltics

FIRESIDE CHAT with Dainis Kruze, CEO and Co-Founder at Aerones, moderated by Andris K. Berzins, Partner at Change Ventures

Aerones is the world’s leading robotic wind turbine blade inspection, maintenance and repair system. This Latvian team graduated world’s first class accelerator YCombinator and has the largest wind turbine industry players as customers, aiding their quest to make the wind energy industry more efficient. Early this year the team managed to secure additional 9mil investment allowing to scale the company further.


Could Aerones become the first climate-tech unicorn company coming out of the Baltics? Join us at this fireside to hear CEO learnings on building, maintaining, scaling company culture in a fireside with Aerones investor Andris K. Berzins, Partner at Change Ventures.

CHANGEMAKER Category Finalist Pitches ​

 Estonia: Mihkel Tammo, Karl Pärtel, Tarvo Õng

 Latvia: Daniels Truksans, Aija Pope, Laura Treimane

 Lithuania: Gediminas Kondrackis, Artūras Razbadauskas, Emilija Biteryte

The Shift: Sector Transformation Challenges and Opportunities

PANEL DISCUSSION with Robin Salouks from eAgronom, Tarvo Ong from Fusebox, Irena Svilpe from European Commission Representation in Latvia. Moderated by Tarmo Virki, Single.Earth.

Let's talk sustainability in the industrial sectors. As more countries enact sustainability regulations, some may refer to regulations as the slowest form of taking action. However, corporate leaders must plan for the future now in order to meet the requirements in the coming years. 

Empowering Women in Agrifood Pitching Event | EIT Food


Data Spotlight: Presenting the Baltic CleanTech Startup Space Today Report

KEYNOTE by Erki Ani, CEO at Cleantech Estonia

With a recognized need to speed up the maturation of CleanTech start-ups in this region, the Baltic CleanTech Startup will cover industries, trends, what founders are doing right, and what methodologies are still lacking to support their value proposition.

From Crisis to Capital: in Search of the Next €1B Climate Tech Company

PANEL DISCUSSION with Triin Hertmann, Grunfin, Helery Pops, Honey Badger Capital, and Aija Pope, Terrawaste. Moderated by Toby Moore, Imprimatur Capital

Attracting interest from investors while trying to make the Earth a little more green is a quest many are trying to complete. What are investors looking for, and how are they separating future €1B companies from regular dreamers of a better future?

INNOVATION Category Finalist Pitches ​

 Enterprises: R8 Technologies, Fibenol, LITGRID 

 Startups:Aerones Engineering, UP Catalyst, Solarstone

Good for Growth: Sustainability at the Core of Business Strategy

PANEL DISCUSSION with Gatis Zemanis, KALVE, Jone Sestakauskaite, Neste, and Zanda Šadre, Rimi Baltic. Moderated by Adriana Kaulina, Tet.

Business thinkers swear by sustainability as a business strategy fostering company longevity. What are you missing out on by not prioritizing it enough, and what advantages it brings to those ahead of the curve?

Awards Ceremony​
 Opening remarks by Anna Ķiesnere, Helve, Zanda Šadre, Rimi Baltic
 Insight into methodology by Jānis Kauliņš, EY
 Winner announcements in all categories by Helve, Rimi Baltic, Dokobit, EY, Baltic Block, Signet Bank, Sorainen, and special prize announcement by Clear Channel
🥂 Networking & Drinks​


Eric Dusseux headshot (1).jpg
Eric Dusseux

Venture Partner at Breakthrough Energy

Triin Hertmann

Co-Founder and COO at Grünfin

Dainis Kruze

CEO & Co-Founder at Aerones

Inese Dosē

Management Board Member at Enefit and Head of Business Analytics at Eesti Energia

Erki Ani.jpg
Erki Ani

CEO at Cleantech Estonia

Robin Saluoks

CEO & Co-Founder at eAgranom

Adriana Kauliņa

Chief Sustainability Officer at Tet

Helery Pops

Co-Founder at Honey Badger Capital

Jānis Kauliņš

Partner at EY, Leader of Climate Change and Sustainability Services in the Baltics

Aija Pope 

CEO at TerraWaste

image (12).jpg
Toby Moore

Managing Partner at Imprimatur Capital Fund Management

Andris K. Berzins

Partner at Change Ventures

Nora Pastore

Sustainability Officer at Signet Bank

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 14.47.53.jpg
Anna Marija Ķiesnere

Business Development Lead at Helve

image (8).jpg
Jone Sestakauskaite

Sustainable Partneships Manager in Baltics at Neste

Marija Rucevska_edited.jpg
Marija Ručevska

Founding Partner at Helve

Gatis Zemanis

Managing Director & Co-founder at KALVE

Zanda Šadre.jpg
Zanda Šadre

Corporate Responsibility and Communications Director at Rimi Baltic

Gunita Kuļikovska - Ķiesnere 

Sustainable Construction Department Director at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Tarvo Õng, the CEO and founder of Fusebox.jpg
Tarvo Õng

CEO at Fusebox

Tarmo Virki

Head of Content and Communications at Single.Earth

Picture_IES (1).jpg
Irena Svilpe

Economic adviser at the European Commission Representation in Latvia

image (12).jpg
Maija Āboliņa - Tomsone

Founder & Sustainability Strategist at  Ziemeļmeita Consulting

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