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Rimi Customer Changemaker

Special Rimi Baltic prize for Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian Rimi customers - share your sustainability practices and win a 500 EUR gift card!

In a special category, crafted by Rimi Baltic, we are looking for the Rimi Customer Changemaker - people from different backgrounds, families, households or individuals, to share their stories on smart and sustainable consumption, how their everyday actions and purchasing choices create a better planet for all of us!




  • Have you recently changed your purchasing habits towards more sustainable and greener consumption? 

  • Are you proud of your family’s or your own lifestyle that lowers your impact on the environment? 

  • Is your grandmother a champion in waste sorting?


Criteria for applying

Oranges in Mesh Bag

Through the power of storytelling, applicants have to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable consumption lifestyle and share their story of what recent change they have implemented in their lifestyle and why they qualify for the Rimi Customer Changemaker award.


Applicants understand and accept that, in the case of winning the category, participants will participate in the Baltic Sustainability Awards event in Riga, on December 7. Any traveling and accommodation costs for 2 people will be covered by organizers.

BSA2023 b.jpg

Applications are open from the 6th of October until the 23rd of November. Note: Applicant has to be based in one of the Baltic countries.

Tell us your story and win a special prize from Rimi Baltic -  500 EUR gift card in Rimi stores . Or nominate a person, family member or a household that deserves to be spotlighted at the Baltic Sustainability Awards Ceremony on December 7.


Our friendly application warmly welcomes users by embracing three beautiful Baltic languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian, ensuring that everyone feels right at home while using it. 

Apply or nominate

Behind Baltic 
Sustainability Awards

ItsTime Black.png

In the gentle caress of the Baltic Sea upon our shores, "It’s Time" whispers through every grain of sand, calling individuals to action for our shared environment.


The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 amplifies this message, intertwining the urgency of preserving our native landscapes with the power of individual actions. As our shores have gently cradled our heritage, now, individuals cradle the future of sustainability, ensuring our natural wonders persist for generations yet to wander our beloved Baltic coasts. 


The idea is simple yet profound: every individual holds the key to unlock a sustainable future. When we say "It’s Time", we call upon every person to act, innovate, and influence sustainability, transforming the Baltic region and beyond.

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