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Rimi Customer Changemaker: A Call for Sustainability Doers

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. It's the choices we make in the quiet of our homes, the decisions we ponder in the aisles of our local supermarkets, and the habits we pass down to our children. Recognizing the need to celebrate these everyday doers of sustainability, RIMI Baltic has introduced a special category within the Baltic Sustainability Awards - the Rimi Customer Changemaker prize.

Celebrating Everyday Sustainability

This unique initiative is calling for individuals and families across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, who have taken steps to live more sustainably, to come forward and share their stories. Whether you've overhauled your shopping habits to favor greener choices or you're the proud descendant of a waste-sorting wizard, your sustainability story could not only inspire others but also win you a valuable prize.

A Prize for the Planet - and Your Pocket

In a bid to reward the silent changemakers amongst us, RIMI Baltic is offering a 500 EUR gift card for use in their stores. It's not just a pat on the back for your green initiatives but a practical boost to continue your journey towards sustainability.

Sharing Your Sustainable Shifts

The criteria for application are as transparent as the waters of the Baltic Sea. Show your commitment to sustainable consumption, tell the tale of your eco-friendly changes, and explain why your approach makes you the ideal Rimi Customer Changemaker.

An Invitation to Inspire

Winners of this prestigious category will not only receive the gift card but also be invited to participate in the Baltic Sustainability Awards event in Riga on December 7. Travel and accommodation for two will be generously covered, allowing winners to share their sustainable journey with a wider audience.

Time to Step Forward

Applications opened on October 6th and will run until November 23rd. The process is inclusive, with the application welcoming entries in Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian. This ensures that every story, in every tongue, gets a chance to shine.

How to Apply or Nominate

If you're reading this and nodding along, recognizing your own efforts or those of someone close, don't hesitate. Apply or nominate someone for the Rimi Customer Changemaker today. Share your sustainable saga or spotlight someone whose green lifestyle deserves recognition.

In a world where individual actions accumulate to create global impact, the Rimi Customer Changemaker award is more than a prize. It's a celebration of the collective power of individuals to make a difference. So, tell your story or nominate a changemaker you know, and let's turn the page together towards a more sustainable future.

Apply Now and Join the Ranks of Baltic Sustainability Doers! -



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