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Category Exploration: 2. 'Climate Innovations' fostering change at the Baltic Sustainability Awards

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 isn’t just about recognizing achievements; it’s a medium for highlighting disruptive inventions bringing together visionary minds passionate about pushing the boundaries of sustainability and responsible practices. Today, we spotlight the crucial and inspiring category of ‘Climate Innovations.’

🌿 Embrace Your Potential:

Being part of the Awards is a gateway to evaluating and enhancing sustainability within projects, offering insightful impact reviews and valuable feedback from our 50+ members jury board. This holistic journey is more than just a discovery of impact; it’s a collaborative space promoting mutual learning and discussions at a pan-Baltic scale, empowering participants to refine and magnify their initiatives and foster an enduring culture of sustainable progression in the region.

🌿 Urgent Call for Action:

The United Nations' 500-day countdown until climate catastrophe underscores the critical necessity for decisive and impactful actions to forge a sustainable future. The challenge is collective, a mutual pursuit to launch new climate innovations that reverberate throughout the Baltic States and generate significant impacts globally. The Baltic states' diverse landscapes, rich traditions, and inventive spirit are the cradle for truly transformative climate initiatives. These initiatives could encompass revolutionary deep-tech solutions, community-led conservation efforts, and sustainable agriculture advancements connecting local producers and consumers.

Inspiring Innovations:

  • Sustainable Water Management Initiatives: Projects focusing on optimizing water use, reducing waste, and implementing innovative water conservation techniques to preserve our most vital resource.

  • Climate Adaptive Agriculture: Endeavour focuses on resilient agricultural methodologies contributing to ecosystem revitalization and balance.

  • Nature-Inspired Solutions: Initiatives working for the prudent conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity in locales like Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius.

  • Carbon Sequestration Initiatives: Projects and research focusing on innovative methods to capture and store carbon dioxide, reducing the atmospheric carbon level and mitigating climate change impacts.

  • Climate Awareness Platforms: Digital platforms or apps raising awareness about climate change and offering actionable insights and solutions to mitigate its effects.

Any solution mitigating ecological damage is eligible. Proposing such initiatives extends your project’s resonance and serves as an emblem of inspiration, fostering a fraternity of innovators across the region. Don't sit aside; participate and share because your solution could change everything or inspire someone who will change everything.

📆 The Countdown is on:

Time is of the essence, with only 500 days to incite substantial transformation. The urgency for radical change is imminent. Investing a fragment of time to apply or nominate a deserving initiative could catapult us toward a more sustainable future. The deadline is October 8. Let’s utilize this chance to foster impactful transformation.

How to Make a Difference:

  • Identify and Submit Your Initiative: Apply to the Baltic Sustainability Awards by October 8

Celebrating Previous Winners: Front-runners in Climate Innovations

Marine Digital: Decarbonisation in shipping and maritime logistics

Addressing the overlooked environmental concerns in naval logistics and paving the way for net-zero emission targets in shipping.

Fibenol: Cutting-edge technologies to develop biomaterials from hardwood

Fibenol is increasing resource efficiency across industries by setting the bar for the creation of environmentally friendly biomaterials and bioproducts from hardwood.

AUGA group: Sustainable agriculture company promoting eco-friendly farming and products. AUGA group is developing emission-reducing technologies, implementing regenerative farming practices, and offering eco-friendly products to create a new category of more sustainable food with minimal environmental impact.

Grünfin: Green investment platform

Grünfin promotes sustainability through its retail investment platform for funds with positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

It’s Time:

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 is more than an award; it's a space to share and highlight our collective sustainable evolution and groundbreaking solutions in climate innovation. The ‘Climate Innovations’ category is a testament to the boundless possibilities and dedication to fostering ecological balance and resilience in the Baltic states. Let’s seize this moment to submit your groundbreaking climate initiative today to the Baltic Sustainability Awards. The deadline is October 8.

Let's DO!



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