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Innovation Exhibit
Alley of Innovations:

Wander through a curated showcase of groundbreaking sustainable solutions, products, and technologies.


Future Hub:

Engage with startups that are pitching their futuristic, sustainable solutions. This is where tomorrow's solutions are born.

Strategic Partnership Hub

A diligently designed networking zone:

Ecosystem Collaborations:

Intro space to help organisations identify potential partners, fostering collaborative projects.


Investment Roundtables:

Curated meetings between startups and impact investors, emphasising sustainable ventures.

Coalition Corners:

Structured spaces for organisations to form alliances, emphasising shared sustainability goals.

Insight Space
Practical Sustainability:

Equip organisations with actionable strategies for integrating sustainability at the core.

B-corp Journey:

A comprehensive guide to the benefits and implications of becoming a B-corp.

Trend Spotlight:

Understand the next big shifts in sustainability using data-driven insights.

Helve Innovation Retreat:

Explore and learn about digital transformation, internal innovation sprints, open innovations, sustainability, growth, and venture building.

Exploration Hub
COP Live Wall:

Real-time updates and analysis on the Conference of the Parties' resolutions.


SDGs in Focus:

Strategies and insights into aligning business objectives with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

EIT Portal:

A comprehensive look into the initiatives and collaborations offered by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.


IPCC Insights:

Expert breakdowns of the latest IPCC reports and their business implications.


Helve Insight Studio::

An interactive space dedicated to Helve's innovation practice, strategies, and potential collaborations.

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