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Insights from 50+ Industry Leaders

Aren't your standard keynotes; each is a masterclass in actionable tactics, loaded with detailed case studies, metrics, and performance results.

This is a chance to get under the hood of the most successful sustainability projects.

Our speakers aren’t just talking theory; they’re offering a look at real numbers—carbon footprints reduced, dollars saved through sustainable practices, and percentages by which companies have improved their eco-friendliness. Attendees can expect to walk away with a playbook full of statistics and proven strategies to replicate this success in their own businesses.

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Network with 600 Decision Makers

More than a list, it's a gathering of C-suite executives, directors, and founders—the people who make things happen.

Think of it as an investment in your business.


The contacts you’ll make are with individuals who understand the importance of ROI, bottom lines, and scalability in sustainability efforts. These are potential joint venture partners, clients, or investors who don't just add to your LinkedIn connections but add real value to your professional ecosystem.

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17 Panels to gain first mover advantage

Gain actionable knowledge for a competitive edge.

Expect to gain a competitive edge through data-driven insights.


This includes exposure to benchmarking reports, industry indices, and sustainability metrics that matter. You'll learn about the ROI of sustainability initiatives, the cost savings associated with going green, and the consumer trends driving the green economy. With this information, you can build a compelling case to stakeholders on why sustainability isn't just good for the planet—it's excellent for business.

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Today, forests burn, air pollutes, and seas rise... yet too many turn a blind eye.

The United Nations warns we have 500 days to avoid climate catastrophe as temperatures break heat records worldwide.

But problems also hold solutions. Limitations, opportunities.

And, while some headlines spell doom, innovation blossoms across industries. From Estonian wind power advancements to Latvian waste-eliminating print models to Lithuanian schools championing zero waste, change is in the air. 

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