We have three quite different categories that therefore require three different sets of experts.  All to bring international expertise, knowledge-based decisions, and a fresh outlook to the Baltic leaders. 

A dedicated Jury for each category will evaluate and score the applications based on the evaluation criteria prepared by EY Baltic. The awards Jury consists of reputable individuals, European experts in innovation, sustainability, and GreenTech, representatives from world-known startups, Baltic environment and technology organizations, and big corporations changing the rules for innovation and sustainability globally.



Julie Vedugo.jpg

Director of Sustainability and Social Impact at URBN

Audronė Alijošiutė-Paulauskienė.jpg

Managing Director at Sustainable Business Association of Lithuania (LAVA)

IMG_0661-2 (1).jpg

Coordinator at Agrifood Lithuania DIH

Erin Beilharz

Managing Director CleanTech Hub at Lufthansa Group


Partner at EY, Leader of Climate Change and Sustainability Services in the Baltics


Corporate Sustainability Solutions Strategist


Venture Associate in Sustainability-Fashion at Plug and Play tech center


Senior Consultant at EY – Climate Change and sustainability Services

Liene Dubava .jpg

Vice President at AmCham Latvia

Līva Pērkone

Founding Partner at Helve

Rytis Kėvelaitis,.jpg

Founder & CEO at Energy Unlimited

Elza Štrausa.jpg

Programme Manager at Pasaules Dabas Fonds

Auste Valikonyte .jpg
Auste Valikonyte

Managing Partner & Sustainability Consultant at Sustain Advisory


Marija Rucevska_edited.jpg

Founding Partner at Helve

Erki Ani.jpg

CEO at Cleantech Estonia, Co-Founder at Beamline Accelerator


Co-Founder and COO at Grünfin

Lalit Gautam (1).jpg

CEO & Founder at Sensegrass

Innovation_Pauliina Meskanen_Founder at Survivaltech.club .jpg

Founder at SurvivalTech Club

Sasha Lipman.jpg

Founder at tech2impact

Kärt Raabis.jpg

Associate at Change Ventures

SUSTAIN0752 (1).jpeg

Co-Founder of Sustain Academy


Anneli Ohvril.jpg

CEO at Let's Do it World

Gary Urb.jpg

CEO at UP Catalyst

Andis Skele Baltic Block.jpg

Director at Baltic Block

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 14.47.53.jpg

Business Development at Helve & Accelerator Lead at Future Hub

Zanda Šadre.jpg

Corporate Responsibility and Communications Director at Rimi Baltic Group

_Rannar Park.jpg
Rannar Park

Chief Executive Officer at LIFT99 Tallinn

Māra Sproģe.jpg

Marketing and Communications Manager at Dokobit

Anna Andersone CEO Riga_TechGirls_WEB-23.jpg
Anna Andresone

Entrepreneur and Chief Empowerment Officer at Riga TechGirls