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Welcome to Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards

To celebrate the Baltic front-runners in sustainability innovation and highlight the increasing role of innovation in sustainability, innovation management company Helve launches Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards. The applications for the awards are already open, and the winners from all Baltic states will be announced during the awards ceremony at the Future Form conference on the 9th of December. Enterprises, organizations, startups, and individuals are welcome to apply for the awards in three categories - Impact, Innovation, and Changemaker.

As sustainability takes a central role in entrepreneurship, the role of innovation in sustainable solutions development rapidly increases. The organizers' goal is to highlight the potential of already existing GreenTech (green technology) solutions and encourage peer-to-peer learning about sustainability achievements among enterprises, industries, and professionals.

"Innovation is a crucial element in the current business world where sustainability has become one of the main priorities. Companies that invest in sustainability and are perceived by society as sustainable today will likely become industry leaders tomorrow. With Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards, we hope to inspire and motivate companies and organizations to continue their work towards sustainability goals and allow their achievements to serve as an example for others. We highly appreciate our partners' trust in our ambition and shared vision because only together can we achieve our goal," the motivation behind the Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards shares its host's Helve Co-founder and General Partner Marija Rucevska.

Applications are open until the 20th of October in three categories. In the Impact category, a jury will evaluate companies' and organizations' achievements at reducing their negative impact on the environment. The category is extensive and accepts various kinds of applications; some examples include - switching to a hybrid-office model or electric vehicles, product packaging or materials change to a more sustainable option, new product introduction using recycled materials. In the Innovation category, organizers welcome cutting-edge innovations in sustainability or GreenTech areas from startups and enterprises. Finally, individuals making a lasting effort for sustainability, bringing attention to the needed change, acting as an example to follow, or educating and inspiring others to act can apply for the Changemaker category. In this category, a winner will be selected from each Baltic country based on public voting results. An international expert jury will choose the winners for the Impact and Innovation categories. More information on the categories, awards procedure, and application process is available at

Zanda Sadre, Rimi Baltic Corporate Brand and Communications Director, shares: "Sustainability is one of the strategic directions for Rimi. It's part of our business DNA. We have come a long way to become a sustainable company by implementing sustainable solutions in our daily operations. Rimi also strived to educate and inspire our customers as each of us can make the future a bit greener, step by step. We want to honor and highlight Baltic companies, organizations, and individuals that invest in sustainability and thus inspire others to follow the example within this project. Only by combining our knowledge and our resources, and changing our attitudes and our daily habits, will we be able to tackle and prevent the problems that currently affect our environment and thus the future generations."

Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards is organized with the support of its General Partner Rimi, partners Dokobit, and Citadele. The methodology is developed by Plan A, one of Europe's leading GreenTech companies, to ensure the awards are bestowed on the winners resting on data-based, fair, transparent, and clear decisions. Furthermore, ecosystem partners such as CSR Latvia, AmCham Latvia, The Red Jackets, Sustainable Business Association of Lithuania, Let's Do it World, CleanTech Estonia, Estonian Social Enterprise Network, and others have joined the initiative.



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