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Vilnius' Hottest Gathering: The Sustainability Warm-Up That's No Joke!

Alright, Vilnius, here's the deal. We're throwing the sustainability bash of the century, and guess what? It's not in some far-off land; it's right in your backyard! Combining the serious business of planet-saving with a sprinkle of classic Lithuanian humor, this is the event that's got everyone from CEOs to students saying, "I've GOT to be there!" Oh, and did we mention it's in collaboration with ROCKIT? Yeah, we just upped the cool quotient!

We're not just talking about any event; this is the zenith of eco-conscious gatherings. Imagine an event so exciting, that even the Gediminas' Tower wishes it could relocate to be closer! From the impassioned discussions on green initiatives to the spark of new ideas kindling amidst like-minded enthusiasts, this gathering promises to be enlightening. And let's face it, any event that can make recycling and carbon footprints sound hip has got to be worth its weight in amber!

What's Brewing?

  • Local Legends: Relish tales of sustainability dripping with local flavor. With a whopping 29% of all Baltic Sustainability Award applicants hailing from Lithuania, we've got a lot to brag about!

  • Panel Powerhouse: Dive deep into sustainability with a panel discussion that's no ordinary chit-chat. With the likes of Rimi Baltic weighing in, expect insights, debates, and maybe a light-hearted joke or two.

  • B-Corp workshop: Led by sustainability doer, Zane Valujeva, this segment is your gateway to driving tangible change. Want to be the torchbearer of responsibility in your community? This is where you start.

Details, the important ones:

  • Event: Vilnius Sustainability Warm-Up

  • Hosted By: Baltic Sustainability Awards & ROCKIT

  • When: Fri, Nov 24, 2023, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (your local time)

  • Where: Rockit Vilnius, Gynėjų gatvė 14, Vilnius

This isn't just a warm-up; it's the prelude to the grand symphony of sustainability – the Baltic Sustainability Awards. Set to dazzle on December 7 in Riga, it's where the crème de la crème of the Baltic sustainable scene will converge.

Wanna Join?

If you're in Vilnius and have a penchant for sustainability (and a good time!), there's only one place to be on Nov 24. It's time to mix business with pleasure, the Vilnius way!

P.S. Raising our organic coffee cups to the fantastic crew at Helve and a tip of the hat to our foundational partners, Rimi Baltic. Also, a hearty nod to our comrades: EY Baltic, Luminor, Virsi, Eleport, Danone, and Riga City Council. You all truly make the magic happen!

P.P.S. The entry is on the house, but seats are like those golden tickets from a certain chocolate factory – rare and in high demand. Better snag yours pronto!

Now, here's the scoop: Clear that calendar. Wipe it clean. Be there, get inspired, and become the sustainability doer you were born to be. Book your spot, and when you're having the time of your life on the event day, remember to send a little mental 'thank you' outway. 😉



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