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The WINNERS of Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards

The moment we've all been waiting for is here - the winners of the first-ever Baltic scale innovation and sustainability awards have been announced. After over 300 applications 24 outstanding sustainability innovation achievements were selected as the finalists. But there can be only one winner (in each category).. 🥁 Meet the winners of the first-ever Baltic Sustainability Awards!

"When we started the initiative our goal was clear - to celebrate the innovators, changemakers, and leaders in sustainability. We wanted to highlight and honor the brightest minds and leading-edge achievements in sustainability innovation. To bring together Baltic business leaders, GreenTech startups, organizations, and aspiring individuals to salute their triumphs and innovations in sustainability. Today, awarding the winners from all over the Baltics for their outstanding initiatives, I feel safe to say that we have achieved these goals," shares Marija Rucevska, Co-founder and Partner at Helve, the organization hosting the Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards.

Winners of the IMPACT category

Large & medium enterprises:

Trafi (Lithuania)

"With Trafi for Business solution, we help organisations track and report the impact of employee travel and - most importantly - give them tools for incentivising sustainable commuting."

Small enterprises: Institute for Environmental Solutions (Latvia)

"It takes courage to dare and scale the solutions for tackling problems on a global level!"

NGOs&Public sector: Vilnius City Municipality (Lithuania)

An open platform that encourages sustainable energy idea implementation in Vilnius.

Winners of the INNOVATION category

Enterprises: AUGA group (Lithuania)

"The winners will be those who do not view sustainability as a fashion trend."


Grünfin (Estonia)

"It is our goal to use every opportunity we have to help more people realize the difference they can make, especially with their finances."

Winners of the CHANGEMAKER category


Gary Urb, Co-Founder, and CEO at UP Catalyst

"Sustainability is a matter of survival and needs to be the pressure point of every single person’s consciousness."


Dagnija Blumberga, climate neutrality ambassador and professor at Riga Technical University

"Sustainability has a future dimension and it is very important to translate it into practical ideas, where sometimes even this sustainability does not "sleep on the surface".


Karolina Gurjazkaitė, dam removal advocate and environmental expert at Lithuanian Environmental Coalition

"To address global environmental problems, we require courage and commitment to change. "

Rimi Baltic Sustainability Awards are organized by innovation management company Helve, and it would not be possible without the support of the general partner Rimi Baltic, methodology partner Plan A as well as partners e-solutions company Dokobit, PwC Latvija, Citadele bank, and Clear Channel. Let's keep up the good work towards a more sustainable future and see you all next year to continue the celebration of Baltic-level achievements in sustainability and innovation!



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