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Monumental Reveal: We Uncover Finalists Across the Baltic States

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 has brought into sharp focus the urgent environmental challenges facing the Baltic region. From the alarming pollution in the Baltic Sea to the pressing issues of climate change and carbon emissions, the awards highlight the critical need for innovative solutions. This year’s finalists, through their pioneering initiatives, are at the forefront of tackling these challenges, setting the stage for the upcoming awards ceremony in Riga on December 7.

Addressing Key Environmental Challenges

  • Baltic Sea Pollution: The Baltic Sea is grappling with severe environmental degradation, worsened by chemical contamination, overfishing, and climate change impacts. Despite efforts to reduce nutrient pollution and hazardous substances, substantial improvements remain elusive.

  • Climate Change and Eutrophication: The region is increasingly suffering from climate change effects, leading to higher water temperatures and more extreme weather events. This exacerbates eutrophication, threatening the ecological balance and marine life.

  • Carbon Emissions: With high Baltics carbon emissions per capita, there's an urgent need for innovative solutions in carbon reduction and renewable energy, aligning with the Baltic States' ambitious renewable energy targets.

Spotlight on Award Finalists and Their Innovations

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 finalists are distinguished by their unique approaches to these environmental challenges:

Climate Innovations - hosted by HELVE

  • Puroceans Technology (Latvia): Utilizing air bubble technology for ocean cleanup.

  • CompAct (Estonia): Promoting sustainable workplace practices.

  • KWOTA (Estonia): Focusing on carbon emission reduction and recycling.

Circular Economy - hosted by RIMI BALTIC

  • Ringo Eco (Estonia): Pioneering reusable packaging solutions.

  • FudLoop (Estonia): Innovating in food waste management.

  • The Rewear Company (Estonia): Promoting sustainable fashion through a rental marketplace.

Renewable Energy - hosted by Virši

  • PVcase (Lithuania): Offering solar project design tools.

  • Solarstone (Estonia): Specializing in BIPV installations.

  • Skanstes Business Centre (Latvia): Using geothermal energy.

Social Initiatives - hosted by Luminor

  • JSC "Augstsprieguma tīkls" (AST) (Latvia): Focusing on sustainable energy infrastructure.

  • Impact Day NGO (Pan-Baltic): Connecting sustainability innovators.

  • Sonido (Latvia): Combating social isolation.

Future Ready Urban Development - hosted by Riga City

  • R8 Technologies (Pan-Baltic): Implementing AI for climate-neutral real estate.

  • SpirulinaNord (Latvia): Urban Spirulina farming.

  • Bikeep (Estonia): Enhancing urban transportation.

“There are so many great solutions, and we can only emphasis and give recognition to those who apply for the Baltic Sustainability Awards. Recognizing and celebrating the multifaceted achievements of organizations and individuals through the Baltic Sustainability Awards is more critical now than ever before. The economic landscape faces so many challenges, many of which are related to new risks and opportunities in environmental and societal challenges. By acknowledging and honoring the achievements of those committed to sustainable practices, these awards promote greater awareness of arising issues, enable innovation, and initiate positive change. Celebrating the finalists of the Baltic Sustainability Awards sends a message that innovation and sustainability are integral to business success amidst present global and economic challenges.” says Jānis Kauliņš EY.

Sustainability Ambassadors:

Leading the Charge by Country


  • Diana Paakspuu: As a former CEO focusing on reuse and circular economy and now an ESG Strategic consultant, Diana is inspiring Estonian companies to embrace circular economy practices.

  • Remo Kirss: He’s a vocal advocate for sustainable actions, urging companies to embrace sustainability despite initial costs and challenges.

  • Sander Tamm: Through, Sander is guiding citizens towards sustainable lifestyles, emphasizing waste reduction and environmental education.


  • Ieva Kustova: Recognized for integrating sustainability in business operations and developing the EU Taxonomy Implementation and Sustainable Finance Roadmap.

  • Jana Trapane: Advocating for data-driven sustainability in business, emphasizing ESG criteria for better risk management.

  • Valerija Kozlova: As a lecturer, Valerija is dedicated to educating future leaders about sustainability, merging theory with practical applications.


  • Rugilė Matusevičiūtė: Rugilė is raising environmental awareness through engaging audiovisual content, including TV shows and social media.

  • Paulius Chockevičius: He focuses on urban beekeeping, biodiversity, and green infrastructure development.

  • Jurgis Kazimieras Staniškis: Advocating for a sustainable economic system that prioritizes well-being within planetary boundaries.

A Collective Call to Action

“Reflecting on this year's Baltic Sustainability Awards finalists, I'm struck by the sheer audacity and practical ingenuity they bring to the table. Our finalists aren't just dreamers; they're doers, each demonstrating a bold commitment to tangible, impactful change. This isn't just about 'going green' in a conventional sense; it's about reshaping industries, rethinking economies, and reinventing our relationship with the planet.
Our evaluation process, steered by a diverse panel of 50 jury members and methodology isn't one-dimensional; it's layered, holistic, designed to weigh and witness the full spectrum of sustainability – from environmental impact to social innovation, from economic viability to transformative potential. It's not just about the size or scope of the project; it's about the ripple effect, the potential to spark a wider movement.
As we gear up for the finals on December 7, I'm reminded again and again that these awards are more than a celebration; they're an open call for action, a showcase of what's possible when bold ideas meet pragmatic execution. So, watch this space. The Baltic region is not just participating in the global sustainability dialogue; we're looking to lead it." – Kristaps Cirulis, Baltic Sustainability Awards.

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