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Jury of the Urban Development Category

The Baltic Sustainability Awards are fortunate to be guided by 50+ seasoned jury experts, bringing an invaluable wealth of experience and knowledge. With this diverse panel of experts spanning various sectors, industries, and specializations, the BSA jury forms a formidable force in the realm of sustainability. These are the individuals who bring their passion and deep understanding of sustainability to the forefront, ensuring that the initiatives we honor are not merely regional success stories but globally influential catalysts for change.

Meet the exceptional panel of jury experts who are influencing the landscape of the Urban Development category. For this category, the jury is looking for programmes that envision greener cities, spaces, and mobility by designing sustainable urban systems, promoting green infrastructure, and enhancing urban biodiversity.

Urban Development lead

Gunita Kuļikovska - Ķiesnere is a pioneering figure in urban development and sustainability. In her role as the Director of the New Building School - Sustainable Construction at Vidzeme University, she's dedicated to fostering sustainable practices in construction and preparing students for the digital age. Her commitment to smart, eco-conscious building is shaping the future of construction across the Baltics. As the Founder and CEO of "Vividly" Gunita is using technology to revolutionize urban development, architecture, and construction, all with a strong focus on sustainability.

Jury Members for the Urban Development category

Alīna Dolmate, EIT Food Hub Manager

Marija Ručevska, Founding Partner at Helve

Annika Sjöberg, Principal at Anthesis, Angel investor

Aija Pope, CEO & Co-founder of TerraWaste

Kaur Sarv, Board member of the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia (CSR Estonia), head of Sustainable Transport in Scania Baltics

Lalit Gautam, Founder and CEO at Sensegrass

Inese Andersone, Chairwoman of the City Development Committee at Riga City Council

The Finalist Announcement and Awards Ceremony

The top 3 finalists of the Sustainability Awards 2023 in each category will be unveiled on November 23rd. The grand announcement of the winners will take place during the Baltic Sustainability Forum & Awards on December 7 at Splendid Palace, Riga. This is the moment when we celebrate and showcase the champions of sustainability, recognizing their remarkable efforts in driving positive change for our planet.



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