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Jury of the Energy Technologies Category

The Baltic Sustainability Awards are fortunate to be guided by 50+ seasoned jury experts, bringing an invaluable wealth of experience and knowledge. With this diverse panel of experts spanning various sectors, industries, and specializations, the BSA jury forms a formidable force in the realm of sustainability. These are the individuals who bring their passion and deep understanding of sustainability to the forefront, ensuring that the initiatives we honor are not merely regional success stories but globally influential catalysts for change.

Let us present to you the exceptional jury experts who are shaping the way in the Energy Technologies category. For this category, the jury is looking for solutions that accelerate the transition to clean energy by deploying technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and promote renewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy lead

Rytis Kėvelaitis is a founder and CEO of Energy Unlimited, a leading renewable energy developer in the Baltic States, specializing in solar PV, wind, and energy storage. What sets him apart is his unique perspective, having served as the Vice Minister of Energy in Lithuania. This experience equips him with a view of the energy transition, from both the public and private sectors.

Jury Members for the Energy Technologies category

Anrijs Tukulis, Sustainability Project Manager at Virši

Annija Emersone, Innovation Lead at Helve

Kārlis Mendziņš, CEO of Eleport Latvia

Valentas Neviera, Head of Group Sustainability at Ignitis Group

The Finalist Announcement and Awards Ceremony

The top 3 finalists of the Sustainability Awards 2023 in each category will be unveiled on November 23rd. The grand announcement of the winners will take place during the Baltic Sustainability Forum & Awards on December 7 at Splendid Palace, Riga. This is the moment when we celebrate and showcase the champions of sustainability, recognizing their remarkable efforts in driving positive change for our planet.



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