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Initiating Category Exploration: 1. 'Social Initiatives' at Baltic Sustainability Awards

The Baltic Sustainability Awards is more than just a ceremony; it's a symbol, a space, a platform where innovative minds converge, celebrating commitment and advancements in sustainability. This year, we begin our Exploration into each award category with a segment we are excited to highlight, 'Social Initiatives,' proudly powered and hosted by Luminor.

“Being a pan-Baltic organization, our main aim is to support and contribute to local communities in the Baltics through a range of activities and programs that can help to improve the life in these societies and to tackle issues important to them. We believe in and aspire to strengthen social entrepreneurship, invest even more in financial literacy, and acknowledge and assist any enterprises and individuals that are devoted to advancing the agendas of local communities and addressing matters that are essential to them - resilience to climate change, disability, accessibility and other problems at hand. We can't wait to see ideas that will be presented in this category to continue being a part of efforts that want to celebrate communities and societal issues on a bigger scale.” Kadri Vunder Fontana, Head of Sustainability at Luminor Group.

Unlock Your Impact:

Participating in the Awards opens doors to measure sustainability and enrich projects through detailed impact reports and expert suggestions from our esteemed jury. This comprehensive experience is not just an exploration of influence but a cooperative journey, fostering peer-to-peer learning and dialogues at a pan-Baltic level. It’s an opportunity to understand, amplify, and refine your initiatives, cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable advancement in the Baltic region.

A Call to Action Amidst Urgency

The United Nations' poignant 500-day countdown is a stark reminder of the pressing need for immediate and substantial actions towards building a sustainable future. It's a collective responsibility, a shared journey to bring forth transformative social initiatives that resonate across the Baltic States and create impactful ripples beyond.

The Baltic states' rich heritage, diverse ecosystems, and innovative spirit provide a fertile ground for many transformative social initiatives. These can range from sustainable tourism projects intertwined with cultural preservation to community-driven environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture innovations bridging local producers and consumers.

Inspirational Examples

  • Revitalizing Traditions: Sustainable crafts aimed at preserving heritage while ensuring livelihoods and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Urban Community Gardens: Initiatives in cities like Tallinn, Riga, or Vilnius promote community bonding and biodiversity.

Submitting such impactful initiatives amplifies your project's reach. It acts as a beacon, inspiring countless others and fostering a network of front-runners within the Baltic region.

The Window is Closing

With only 500 days to initiate meaningful change, the time to act is now. The need for transformative change is immediate and paramount. Filling out an application or nominating a worthy candidate takes less than a day—a mere glimpse of time in the grand scheme of things and the deadline is October 8. So, invest that sliver of time, apply or nominate someone you believe can contribute to meaningful change, and let's collectively work to reverse engineer this countdown and create a substantial impact. It's a small step for you, but it could be a giant leap toward a sustainable future. Don't let this opportunity slip by—act now!

How to Make a Difference:

  • Identify and Submit Your Initiative: Apply to the Baltic Sustainability Awards by October 8.

  • Inspire and Be Inspired: Catalyze innovations and contribute to societal and sustainable progress across the Baltic states and beyond.

Celebrating Previous Winners: Pioneers in Sustainability

Uuskasutus - Keskus: Supporting Ukrainian War Refugees

To circulate used items and make reuse accessible, they opened a shop in March 2022 for Ukrainian war refugees in Tallinn, offering free-of-charge basic needs items, helping over 10,000 refugees, and distributing over 180,000 items.

Sengire Fondas: Preserving Ancient Woods in Lithuania

This NGO is dedicated to preserving Lithuania's old-growth forests creating sustainable public forests with the help of a community of scientists and professionals.

Oxylabs: Automated Illegal Content Detection

Oxylabs developed a pro bono AI tool to detect illegal content related to child sexual abuse, assisting the Communications Regulatory Authority of Lithuania in its daily operations.

City of Vilnius: Encouraging Sustainable Energy Ideas

In partnership with Vilnius Heating Company, the City of Vilnius initiated the Intelligent Energy Lab (IEL) to implement sustainable energy ideas and promote efficiency and the modern energy sector in the city.

It's Time:

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 extends beyond recognition; it's a hub for transformative change and innovative sustainability solutions. The 'Social Initiatives' category represents the immense potential and commitment to driving societal progress and sustainable transformation in the Baltic states.

So, let's eliminate doubt, embrace action, and let the sustainable transformation of society begin with us. Submit your impactful social initiative today to the Baltic Sustainability Awards. The deadline is October 8.

Let's DO!



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