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Circular Economy Finalists: The New Normal in Sustainability

In just 7 days, we're diving into a world where 'circular' isn't just a shape, it's a lifestyle. Our Circular Economy finalists are turning heads and making sustainability the coolest trend on the planet. Imagine a world where waste is so last season, and reusing is as trendy as the latest smartphone. That’s the world our Circular Economy finalists are crafting - one innovative idea at a time.

3 Finalists Leading the Charge

  • Ringo Eco OU, Estonia

    • They're not just recycling; they're redefining packaging. Wave goodbye to single-use and say hello to a cycle of reuse that could give disposable culture a run for its money.

  • FudLoop OÜ, Estonia

    • Think of them as the Robin Hoods of food waste. Rescuing surplus food and redistributing it through high-tech lockers? It's not science fiction; it's eco-action.

  • The Rewear Company, Estonia

    • Kids grow fast, but their clothes don't have to pile up in landfills. Welcome to the future of fashion where renting is the new buying, and sustainability is the hottest label.

Why This Circular Economy is a Big Deal

Rethinking Waste: Europeans tossing out 5 tons of waste per person per year? Not cool. These initiatives are here to flip the script.

Food Waste Fiasco: A third of our food shouldn't be trash. FudLoop's on a mission to make every bite count.

Fashion's Carbon Closet: The fashion industry's carbon footprint is larger than in some countries. The Rewear Company is stitching a new narrative in kidswear.

And this is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

The circular Economy category with Estonia's dominating presence, is proudly hosted by RIMI Baltic. Known for its commitment to sustainability and community development, RIMI Baltic is a leading retail operator in the Baltic States. Their involvement in hosting this category underscores their dedication to accelerating circular practices and supporting initiatives that drive sustainable change in the region.

The Countdown is On

Forget waiting for the future; the Renaissance is happening right now. In a week, you could be rubbing elbows with the green geniuses making sustainability more than just a hashtag.

Ready to trade in the mundane for the extraordinary? Our event isn't just about ideas; it's about action. It's your turn to step into the green spotlight.



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