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Category Exploration: 6. 'Energy Technologies' - Lighting the Way

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 introduces an electrifying journey into 'Energy Technologies.' Hosted by Virši, this chapter seeks to illuminate the path to a sustainable future by showcasing pioneering energy initiatives that spark innovation and change.

"Not only the Baltic region, but the entire European Union as a whole has set ambitious climate and energy goals, and it is the energy sector that is one of the most important to achieve these goals. In the Baltic States, we can create innovations that will be useful for improving the sustainability of our energy sector, and we can also transfer these ideas to other countries. Likewise, without technological development, energy efficiency is very important, because every kWh of energy that is not consumed is the most climate friendly. As an energy company, Virši has always moved towards offering alternatives to customers, whether it is CNG for freight transport, electric charging for cars, or a vegan choice for a person, or dischargeable windshield liquid we see that it is new and bold solutions that can show positive experiences can lead to change. It is also important that companies and ideas meet each other at such an event, and it is precisely on the Baltic scale that we can create best synergy." Jānis Bethers, Head of Energy Business at Virši

Illuminating Sustainable Pathways:

Embarking on this journey with the Baltic Sustainability Awards entails more than participation; it’s an opportunity to immerse your energy initiatives into a luminous network of innovators and changemakers. With a jury comprising over 50 luminaries in sustainability, it’s not just a contest but a vibrant forum where your projects will be meticulously evaluated, providing valuable insights that could ignite your project's potential and influence.

The Necessity of Progressive Energy Technologies:

As the world races against the ticking climate clock, evolving our energy technologies becomes imperative. The Baltic states, where the rich tapestry of historical splendor and innovative vigor intertwines, are poised to engineer solutions that light up our cities and our sustainable future. This involves harnessing renewable energy, evolving energy storage solutions, and implementing energy-efficient practices that can illuminate our path toward sustainability.

Examples of Energy Solutions:

  • Renewable Energy Projects: Initiatives that harness and optimize renewable energy sources.

  • Innovative Energy Storage: Solutions that enhance the storage and reliability of renewable energy.

  • Smart Grid Technologies: Implementations that optimize the distribution and management of energy.

  • Energy Efficiency Innovations: Practices and technologies that minimize energy consumption while maximizing output.

  • And many more.

Energizing Sustainable Transitions:

By showcasing your project, you’re not just participating; you’re lighting the way for a cascade of innovations and transformations in energy technologies across the Baltic states. It’s about inspiring, sharing, and collaborating to forge a future where our energy solutions are efficient and sustainable.

The Time to Ignite Change is Now:

The moment to shift towards sustainable energy technologies is here. Your innovative project could light the way toward a future where energy is consumed, conserved, and generated sustainably. Submissions are open until October 8. Be a torchbearer in this transformative journey, and let your initiative brighten our sustainable future.

How to Illuminate Your Energy Project:

Submit Your Innovative Energy Technology Project: Apply to the Baltic Sustainability Awards by October 8

Celebrating previous years’ finalists in Energy Technologies:

Aerones: Unique robotic wind turbine care systems

Aerones provides robot-based wind turbine maintenance and inspection services, enhancing efficiency and safety for wind operators.

Solarstone: Affordable solar panels

Transforming buildings into modern PV plants with building-integrated solar solutions, promoting sustainable living, energy independence, and resource-efficient construction practices.

Enefit: Locally produced energy from renewable sources

Manufactures metal structures for various industries, prioritizing quality and environmental responsibility.

Rokiškio sūris: Renewable energy from waste

Dairy company generating renewable energy by heat pumps using heat from waste.

Energizing the Future Begins with You:

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 highlights the 'Energy Technologies' category, celebrating initiatives that promise a future where energy consumption, generation, and management harmonize with our environment. Submit your project by October 8, and let’s light the way towards a brighter, sustainable future.



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