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Category Exploration: 5. 'Circular Economy' - Spinning Sustainability into Profitability

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 paves the way for unveiling impactful narratives and successes within the 'Circular Economy.' Hosted by the Rimi Baltic, this platform promises to spin tales of innovative sustainability into threads of actionable change.

Unleashing Circular Innovations:

  • Resource-Effective Design: Initiatives that ensure optimal utilization and conservation of resources across the lifecycle.

  • Waste to Wealth: Projects converting waste materials into valuable resources, ensuring minimal environmental impacts.

  • Sustainable Production: Adopting practices that minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency in production processes.

  • Collaborative Consumption: Platforms enabling the sharing, leasing, or renting of products, thereby reducing demand for new products.

  • Regenerative Agriculture: Practices that rejuvenate the soil, enhancing productivity and biodiversity while ensuring sustainability.

Special Food Innovation Prize

This year, we are introducing the Food Innovation Special Prize brought to you by Rimi Baltic. If you are part of an innovative food or food-related initiative, don’t hesitate to apply!

“The footprint of food production is one of the largest in society. Unfortunately, when we buy food, but also when we waste it, as consumers, we do not realize how big the impact of growing, transporting, and packaging this food is on the environment. Also, the proportion of carnivores in our region is exceptionally high, and the production of this product group has the greatest impact on the environment. Therefore, good alternatives to meat, as well as circular solutions for the food sector in general, are very welcome. Food is not just something we should think of as everyday normality, it has value, and we should appreciate it much more.”

shares Zanda Šadre, Rimi Baltic Corporate Responsibility and Communications director.

Redefining Economic Models:

Embarking on the journey with the Baltic Sustainability Awards means intertwining your initiatives with a robust network of pioneers in the circular economy. It's not merely a competition; it's an incubator for ideas, strategies, and collaborations that can revamp our economic frameworks while adhering to sustainability. With a jury of over 50 esteemed members, expect a whirlwind of insightful evaluations and constructive feedback that will catalyze your project's impact.

The Imperative of a Circular Economy:

The urgency to embed sustainability into our economic structures has never been more pronounced. With the ticking clock of climate change, adopting a circular economy becomes pivotal to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. The Baltic states, with their rich historical and innovative spirit, are poised to weave a tapestry of initiatives that sustain and regenerate. From waste minimization to resource optimization and extending product lifecycles – the circle of sustainability spins endlessly, promising a future of balanced coexistence.

Accelerating Circular Transitions:

Your project is not merely an entry; it's a spark that could ignite the transition towards a circular economy across the Baltic states. It's about inspiring, sharing, and co-creating a future where our economic activities replenish and restore rather than deplete and destroy.

Act Now, For Tomorrow Awaits:

The time to pivot towards a circular economy is now, and your innovative project could pave the way for a sustainable, profitable future. Submissions are open until October 8. Be a part of this transformative journey and let your initiative spin the wheel of sustainable change.

How to Weave Your Circular Story:

Submit Your Innovative Circular Economy Project: Apply to the Baltic Sustainability Awards by October 8

Celebrating previous years’ winners in Circular Economy:

UP Catalyst: Sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite out of CO2

Sustainable supply chain of carbon materials by giving the unwanted waste product CO₂ a green purpose.

TerraWaste: Carbon-negative materials from non-recyclable waste

Waste recycling technology that turns non-recyclable waste into valuable, carbon-negative materials.

Circularity Begins With You:

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 is an ode to the circular economy, a commitment towards a sustainable, regenerative future. The 'Circular Economy' category celebrates initiatives that blend profitability with sustainability, ensuring every product has more than one life, and waste is a word forgotten. Submit your project by October 8, and let's co-create a future where sustainability and profitability coexist in harmony.

Spin the Wheel of Change!



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