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Category Exploration: 3. 'Urban Development' - Future ready cities

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 aims to be more than just praise; it's a meeting point for forward-thinking minds, an influential platform showcasing the cause of sustainable and responsible urban development. In this edition, we are excited to delve into the transformative category of 'Urban Development.' Hosted by Riga City Council.

“The EU is moving towards climate neutrality by 2050, Riga has taken a step forward and has been selected as one of the 100 cities that will aim to become climate neutral by 2030. This facilitates the creation and development of innovations within the city, as we need to seek new ways on how to address already existing challenges. Change is never easy, even when we know that it will make the city more livable, convenient and climate friendly. That is why we support every effort in this transformation, facilitating new innovative solutions and how together we can create something meaningful and make the changes in the city together.” Inese Andersone, Head of the City Development Committee, Riga City Council.

Igniting Urban Evolution:

Participating in these Awards opens doors to quantifying and improving sustainability within urban projects. It offers a thorough review of impacts and invaluable suggestions from our eminent jury of over 50 members. This process isn't merely an exploration of influence; it's a partnership promoting collective learning and dialogues across the Baltic states, enabling the augmentation and amplification of sustainable urban initiatives, and nurturing an everlasting culture of progressive urban development in the region.

Critical Need for Urban Innovation:

Creating sustainable urban spaces is crucial because urban areas are central to economic development yet significant contributors to carbon emissions. It's time, with the United Nations 500-day countdown as a stark reminder of the urgent need for innovative, sustainable urban solutions that can resonate across the Baltic States and have a transformative global impact. The Baltic states' unique blend of historical richness and creative spirit are fertile grounds for urban development initiatives. Such initiatives encompass sustainable architectural innovations, eco-friendly public transport solutions, and community-driven urban conservation and regeneration projects.

Inspiring Urban Solutions:

  • Eco-Architectural Marvels: Projects redefining urban landscapes with sustainability at their core, blending aesthetics with ecological responsibility.

  • Green Mobility Solutions: Innovations transforming the way we commute, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting eco-friendly transit.

  • Community Urban Gardens: Urban spaces promoting sustainability, community bonding, and biodiversity in cities like Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius.

  • Waste Management Initiatives: Groundbreaking solutions addressing urban waste, promoting recycling, and reducing environmental impacts.

  • Sustainable Urban Planning Platforms: Tools and platforms empowering urban planners to create more sustainable and liveable urban spaces.

Pioneering Urban Development Initiatives:

The participation and showcasing of such initiatives elevate your project's influence and act as a beacon of inspiration, creating a ripple effect of sustainable urban development innovations across the region. It's not just about sharing; it's about inspiring change.

Time is Running Out:

Every second is a step closer to irreversible climate impacts; every sustainable urban development initiative is a step towards a sustainable future. The urgency is apparent. The deadline for submitting your initiatives is October 8. Let's leverage this opportunity to be the messenger of transformative urban development.

How to Amplify Urban Impact:

Submit Your Innovative Urban Development Project: Apply to the Baltic Sustainability Awards by October 8

Celebrating previous years’ winners in Urban Development:

R8 Technologies: Their autonomous AI HVAC technology to address indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability issues in premium class commercial buildings.

EcoBus: Converting old diesel buses into electric ones, leading the charge in reducing emissions and setting a precedent for other cities.

Meredot: With their wireless chargers, the electrification of vehicles and machinery becomes more seamless, heralding a future where charging is as easy as parking.

Tet: Their intelligent street lighting system embodies the essence of 'smart cities,' making urban spaces more efficient and eco-friendly.

The Urban Transformation Awaits:

The Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023 is a movement to redefine our urban spaces and lifestyles. The 'Urban Development' category is a testament to the relentless pursuit of building sustainable, vibrant, and resilient urban ecosystems in the Baltic States. Seize this moment; submit your transformative urban development initiative to the Baltic Sustainability Awards. The deadline is October 8.

Let's DO and Transform Our Urban Realities!



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