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Agenda Unveiled: Baltic Grand Impact Gathering

December 7. It's a day meticulously designed to weave together voices, visions, and vigor for a sustainable future, creating a narrative that resonates with the urgency of now. Prepare to mark your calendars and set your reminders for an event that promises to redefine the landscape of sustainability within the Baltic region. The day's agenda reflects this mission, structured to provide a bird's-eye view and a deep dive into sustainability issues critical to the Baltics and beyond.

The Agenda's Heartbeat: Sustainability in Action

Each session, keynote, and panel has been curated to spotlight the central themes vital for the region's sustainable development. From the interplay between the economy and climate change to the shaping of resilient urban landscapes, the conversations are set against the backdrop of the latest data and trends.

  • Economic and Climate: With the Baltic states at a pivotal point in their economic growth, integrating climate action into financial strategies is no longer a choice but an imperative. As Plan A's Lubomila Jordanova will outline, addressing climate change is critical for the region's stability and prosperity.

  • Sustainable Urbanization: The discussions will go beyond blueprints, delving into how Baltic cities are becoming hubs for sustainable living. This is a response to the fact that urban areas are key contributors to climate change but also have the potential to lead the charge in sustainability solutions.

  • Innovation and Investment: With startups and investments burgeoning in the Baltics, panels will dissect the roadmap for embedding sustainability into the core of business strategies. It's a timely discourse, considering the region's growing role in Europe's green transition.

Leaders at the Forefront

Join and be part of discussions set to shape policies, transform industries, and uplift communities. The speakers list is a testament to the event's caliber, and you can be part of it as well:

  • Lubomila Jordanova (DE): Leading Plan A with its recent $27M Series A funding, Jordanova is set to distill insights on how sustainable economies can thrive amidst the climate crisis.

  • Laimonas Noreika (LT): At HeavyFinance, Noreika exemplifies the synergy between finance and green innovation, highlighting the sector's investment in a sustainable future.

  • Kristjan Maruste (EE): Co-founder of the Kou Mobility Group, Maruste will share innovative approaches from Estonia on sustainable mobility, a vital aspect of modern urban living.

  • Johanna Elvinsson (SWE): Elvinsson brings strategic acumen from Mastercard, sharing how corporate practices can pivot towards impactful environmental stewardship.

  • Ulla Zakowski (FI): From Danone, Zakowski illustrates the influence of global corporations in fostering cross-border sustainability initiatives.

  • Martin Gauss (LV): Gauss provides a unique angle on sustainable practices within the aviation industry, a critical sector in the global sustainability dialogue.

  • Giedrius Bandzevičius (LT): Bandzevičius reveals how retail giants like Rimi Baltic harness their reach for environmental good.

  • Jānis Bethers (LV): From Virši, Bethers's experience in the energy sector is instrumental in discussing the future of renewable energies and their impact on Latvia.

  • Kadri Vunder Fontana (EE): Luminor's Group Head of Sustainability is at the vanguard of integrating sustainable practices within the financial sector and beyond.

Learn more about all speakers here:

Why Now? The Fact-Driven Imperative

The agenda isn't just about discussions; it's grounded in the stark realities presented by data:

  • The Baltic Sea is among the most polluted in the world, making environmental action a local and global concern.

  • Baltic countries are experiencing economic growth, presenting a unique opportunity to embed sustainability in burgeoning industries.

  • With the E.U.'s Green Deal and the global push for net-zero commitments, the Baltics are at a crossroads, poised to lead by example or fall behind.

These facts aren't just numbers; it's an open call for action—the kind of action this agenda is designed to foster.

A Day Designed to Lead to Actions

The event's agenda is crafted not just to discuss but to mobilize. It's a call to arms for policymakers, businesses, and civil society to unite and transform dialogue into tangible strategies.

  • Panels and Keynotes: Address the "what" and "why," but more importantly, the "how" of sustainability. They will showcase real-world examples of sustainable practices and policies, setting the stage for replication and scale.

  • Pitches and Showcases: Offer a platform for the newest innovations, connecting ideas with investors and policymakers, bridging the gap between conception and implementation.

  • Networking Opportunities: Crafted to catalyze partnerships that will transcend the event's one-day lifespan, turning encounters into collaborations and ideas into projects.

Detailed agenda overview is here:

The Outcome: A Sustainable Blueprint for the Baltics

The Splendid Palace on December 7 will not just be a venue but a crucible where the future of Baltic sustainability is forged. The agenda is more than a schedule of topics; it's a blueprint for action, a series of commitments, and a step towards a future where sustainability is embedded in the fabric of the region's growth.

Join the movement and grab your seat while it is available:

P.S. This event is brought to you by the collaborative efforts of dedicated partners who understand the value of sustainability as the cornerstone of progress. We extend our deepest gratitude to Helve for organizing the Baltic Sustainability Awards, Rimi Baltic as a founding partner, and our initiative partners EY, Virši, Luminor, Eleport, Danone, and the Riga City Council for their unwavering support.

P.P.S. While the insights and outcomes are priceless, the seats are not endless—and they're being claimed quickly. Don't let this moment pass. December 7 is the day we chart a new course for sustainability in the Baltics. Be there to be a part of history in the making. Secure your ticket now. 🌿



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